Saturday, May 2, 2015

March Pictures

It has been a long time.   Not only do I tend to take less pictures nowadays, but I also seem to be blogging way less.  A few of the kids have been bugging me about it, so I am now making an effort to get back into posting.
At the beginning of April, Galina's sister came for a visit.

Uncle Jack came for a visit too.  We barbecued.
We played volleyball.

I had an IEP meeting for Oliver.  We as a team determined that Oliver was ready for preschool.  Now we watch him climb the steps of the bus each morning.
He feels like such a big boy!

Baboonya (my Mom) made Fried Bow Tie Pastries with the kids.   The recipe is here.
I gave the kids haircuts a few weeks back and styled Paul's hair like this.  Wild!
Natalie can sure rock her bow!
Jonny loves Natalie so much!  He is an awesome big brother!


  1. It's always fun to have some updates from you! So thanks for posting. :) However, I will congratulate you for having your priorities in order -- your family is coming first; you have had Little Miss Natalie join the crew in the past 6 months (right?) and of course there are new adjustments. We, your friends in Blog World, will patiently wait for updates and tidbits when you do have time to post. Your family is so awesome!

  2. Love all the pictures! My how Oliver has grown, and hard to believe how grown up Jonny is now.

    Would love to hear more about Natalie's transition. She looks to be rounding a corner. Do you think it's all the love, the glasses, both? You are amazing!

  3. Oh my........look at Oliver!! Off to pre-school already. He probably loves it though. And little Natalie looks like a different child. How lucky she is to have such a loving family. It's so nice that Galina is able to keep in touch with her sister. So important. All the kids seem to be doing so well. You are all blessed.

    Marilyn from Canada

  4. Oliver can't be in preschool! He's a BABY! Oh, dear!


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