Thursday, May 7, 2015

For Today

There's no space that his love can't reach.

Chewing on this today.


  1. Thanks Christine!! I've been sitting by my dad for weeks as he is in hospice and God has been so present with us. He was never a believer while I was growing up but God has been drawing near to him in his dimentia. Your thought is very very true. God is trustworthy!

  2. Christine, are you having a hard day? Going through a rough spot? Sending a big hug and prayers for your strength. Love, JEB

  3. from the Crowder song? I love that song.

  4. It has to be true, sacrificial love, though....and on God's time. We always wish that the "usual kind" of love would do - the kind that flows easily from a mother's heart. Sadly, in the case of some of our kids - they need the kind that hurts.


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