Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Easter Pictures

Happy belated Easter! He has risen!  What a miracle... blessing... gift.  Oh how He loves us.
For Easter, some of the older kids organized an egg hunt.  The other kids loved it.

Honestly, I think the kids that hid the eggs had as much fun as the kids who found the eggs.

Eggs were even hidden inside the house too.  Don't worry, Alex found most of them!

After church, we had a nice Easter dinner.  The day was very nice.


  1. He has risen! I love that you guys are so into Christ, anyone who is a solider of the Lord is ok in my book, and you got quite the army over there! :)

    I recently split with my fiancé, as much as we get a long, there are several things in her life that she needs to take care of and I wish her the best. It was a mutual split. I only mention this because I have been meeting with the priest from my church on a weekly basis one on one to discuss the possibility of me going into the seminary. Ive always felt I had a calling from Christ my whole life and perhaps this is what he wants from me. While I contemplate it I'm going to continue school and finish getting my degree in Physical Therapy.

  2. The picture of Johnny or is that Andrew, skipping across the lawn in his basketball PJ's holding the basket is the best of the bunch lol

  3. I just love all those photos. They never get too old for an Easter egg hunt. We hid eggs for our daughters till they were adults really. When I suggested not doing it anymore they were horrified:-) :-) little Natalie is so cute doing her crab crawl. I just love seeing photos of your family.....such a beautiful family Christine.

    Marilyn from Canada


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