Saturday, May 30, 2015


Galina is becoming a pretty good cook.  Her thing is omelets with lots of fresh veggies.  It is a treat when she offers to make them for everyone.

 William and Nolan
 Adam and Natalie
This is definitely pie season for us.  Apple pie sounded like a nice change from the nutty chocolate we had been making.  Annalyn was a huge help.  Oh, and tapioca makes an amazing thickener for the fruit filling.

 Natalie is doing well.  After weeks of getting her to hold her cup with us first wrapping her fingers around it and lifting it to her mouth, I was very surprised to learn that she initiated picking up her cup without any prompting to get a drink.  ALL BY HERSELF.  This is huge!
Oh, and she is a walker-- when she feels like it.  ALL BY HERSELF.:)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Get Together

We had a houseful yesterday. All of our older children invited their friends over.

John barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs.  Dennis was a big help!
Of course they played lots and lots of volleyball!  Caleb and John made the poles and net more permanent by pouring cement to anchor the pole sleeves.  They invested in metal poles and a better net.  Now the dogs can't mess with it.
Here is a video of one of the longer rallies the kids had going.

Annalyn and Olivia

Katie and Caleb
Nolan with Mytai (Julia's friend) and her little sister.
John recovered the ramp with new triply.  The kids of course, are enjoying the smooth, new surface.

Look at Andrew's latest run.

Oliver and Julia
Our living room was full of music and dancing.  The kids had a blast!

Playing Bubble Talk.
Andrew, Jonny, and their friend Ryan.
William being a great big brother!
"What's that?"
Oliver is such a big boy now!
Everyone had such a good time, that we hope to do this regularly.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May Pictures

It's May already. That means that the school year is wrapping up.   We are all so excited over here-- but we have also been crazy busy.  IEP meetings, fieldtrips, CAHSEE testing, finals-- I will be so glad when everything is done.
Here are all the pictures in my camera up till now.
Lexi and Ginger being lazy after a night of digging holes and barking at the moon.
Hanging out in the living room taking turns playing Guitar Hero.
Paul and Anastasia are both growing up so fast. 
Dennis, Nolan, Annalyn, and Natalie
These pictures were all taken on Mother's Day.

 These pies are my favorite pies ever.  They are so good, we have gone through eight of them in five days.
Homemade bread is pretty good too. 
 Flowers are nice.
Our sleeping beauty.

Another picture of the dogs.
Last week I went to the resource center and picked out all of the homeschoolers curriculum.
Can you believe this year two of the girls will be dissecting a sheep's brain and a cow's eyeball?
Yesterday we went and saw Where Hope Grows.  It was a fantastic movie with a great message starring an amazing actor.  If you get the chance, I would go and see it!  (I would not recommend it for younger children.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday Adam!

We surprised Adam with a birthday party with friends from his college group.

Everyone played volleyball for hours!  We switched the direction of the net because the ball kept going into the neighbor's yard.

Aunt Tanya even brought Misty.  Alex was so happy to see her.

Happy 20th birthday!