Friday, March 20, 2015

Natalie's Surgery

Doesn't Natalie look adorable?
She had ear tubes put in yesterday.  She also had an ABR sedated hearing test.  Turns out that her hearing is fantastic! 
Natalie should also be getting her cute, pink glasses any day now.  I hope they open up a whole new world for her.


  1. She is truly adorable :-) She will be even cuter..if that is at all possible.....with her little pink glasses :-) :-) It's good to hear that her hearing is good, isn't it? Such a sweetheart.

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. I can't wait to see her glasses!!! Yay Mom for staying on top of everything for her. You rock too!

  3. The transformation that occuring in your beautiful Natalie is simply amazing! And you look radiant, too, Christine.

  4. Wooohooo! Love the news of great hearing:) She is so darling and so lucky to have a loving family that is meeting her needs now. Can't wait to see her adorable new glasses:)

    Susan from Boston

  5. omg that last pic is so cute!!!! hope her surgery went well. She's bout to have her first real Easter with her new family! :)


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