Tuesday, March 3, 2015


One day the younger boys made a big poster to hang up in their room.
They got lots of help.
They worked on it for hours.
They were excited to hang it up in their room.
Rachel helped add the finishing touches.  The poster is now hung up in their room.  Nolan likes to tape new drawings to it every chance he gets.  The poster is going to fall down any day now because it has too many things taped to it.  When that happens, I will just pull out the butcher paper and have them draw a new poster!
Natalie will put cheerios in her mouth and pockets them in the roof of her mouth until they are soggy.  Since this takes such a long time, her brothers usually come and eat all of them off her tray.  Thankfully, Miss Nattles doesn't seem to mind.

Mr. Oliver is having surgery this week.  He is having his tonsils and adenoids out.  He is supposed to have a sedated hearing test as well.  Earlier in the week he had blood work done to make sure he was good to go.  Oliver started crying and moving around as soon as he realized we were holding his arm to keep it from moving-- which made the whole process longer than it needed to be.  When did my little boy get so strong? 
On a side note, Oliver is going to begin attending pre-school five days a week.  I think he will enjoy it so much!


  1. What kind of preschool will he go to? We have had kids in all kinds from early intervention to developmental to academic.

  2. I love the group effort and the fact that they got a passion to do something and you let them go for it and so did everyone else! I recently have been trying to do more drawing and coloring myself because I'm trying to draw them into it with me. (pun intended!) I have been enjoying it and sometimes listen to a book on tape while I draw. It's relaxing!

  3. After 16 months away from all things blogging, I am dipping my toes back into the blog waters . . . hoping for clear and smooth sailing.

    I've just taken a quick peak at your last few posts, but look forward to reading about all that your sweet family has been up to. I've missed you!

    love & hugs & prayers for you all . . .

  4. I suppose the surgery is over ... it´s friday here ! ;)
    And by the look on this little girl, she does mind... it´s written all over her face ! :) But she might undestand thet she must be quicker then them !!!! ;)

  5. They are all so adorable Christine:-) That dear little Natalie is like a different child.......just amazing, it really is. I do hope dear little Oliver is much better after his surgery. I'm sure he will be. The poster is beautiful! Such a good idea for the younger boys. Such a great Mum!!!!! :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  6. Cool beans with the banner! I love that the boys are so into superheroes, I was the same way growing up...still am lol. Your guys are into all the same stuff I was growing up, superheroes, star wars and of course Jesus. My motto is, wear a cross on your heart and an S on your chest and you will turn out to be a good man one day. :)

  7. I was actually wondering if the boys have ever seen the original Christopher Reeve Superman movies, especially the first 2 movies. Those were so huge to me as a kid, made me want always help people.


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