Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Miss Nattles

Hmmmm, what is there to say about Miss Nattles?  She is such a character, I hardly know
where to begin.   
She is an absolute monkey when it comes to crawling.
 She loves food and shows it by squealing when one of us sets her bowl of food in front of her.
However, she still will not chew, but enjoys a wider variety of foods and
textures than she did two months ago.
She is beginning feeding therapy in two weeks.  Hopefully we can teach her to chew and stop her from pocketing food in the roof of her mouth.   I am even going to ask how I can get Miss Nattles to take a bigger role in feeding herself because currently she still does not want to hold her bottle or touch a spoon.  Makes me wonder if they restricted her from touching her bottle in the orphanage.
Natalie is adored by all of her siblings.  One of her big sisters thought it would be cute to paint her little fingernails.  Natalie loves looking at them!
Natalie is making more and more noise.  She has found her voice.  I think she amuses herself with all of the "ooohhhhs and aaaaahhhhhs".

 This is Natalie's way of telling us that she is done taking pictures.
This is one of Natalie's beautiful smiles.  She doesn't make a lot of eye contact but she sure can light up a room with her smile.
Now that the weather is warmer, we are spending more time outside.  Natalie loves it, except for the grass.  She will get in her bear crawl position and not move, touching as little of the grass as she can.  It is so cute!
Miss Nattles got her glasses last week.  Oliver pulled them off and bent one of the temples within the first 15 minutes of her wearing them, but now he knows not to pull them off her face.  And surprisingly, Natalie doesn't grab at them much either.
She looks so adorable in them! 
These past few months have flown by.  Natalie's transition into our family has been slow coming, but I can truthfully say now that we are all doing well.   She sleeps through the night after 3 1/2 months-- enough said! :)
Natalie has seen many specialists including an international adoption doctor who diagnosed Natalie with autism.  At this point, the diagnosis answers so many questions (I remember some of you mentioned it in the comments section) but of course, I would love for him to be wrong.  Truthfully, only time will tell.  And if he isn't wrong, then he isn't, and we will
continue to love our sweet pea just like we do now.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Natalie's Surgery

Doesn't Natalie look adorable?
She had ear tubes put in yesterday.  She also had an ABR sedated hearing test.  Turns out that her hearing is fantastic! 
Natalie should also be getting her cute, pink glasses any day now.  I hope they open up a whole new world for her.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Rachel's Jamberry Adventure

This is Rachel, my Mom's oldest daughter.
I have recently started selling Jamberry Nail Wraps to save money for college and a car.  They are so much fun-- and look very cute.
No fumes.
No chemicals.
No chipping.
They have the cutest designs.
They last two weeks.
They can match any wardrobe.
(Aren't my Mom's nails cute? :) )
My Mom doesn't have a lot of time to sit around and do nails (I usually do them for her), but since Jamberry's last so long and are so cute, she loves them!  She usually sits down and does them with us girls.
Here are additional designs and styles.

If you are interested in learning more, leave your questions in the comments section.
If you would like a free sample, just leave me a comment with your email.
You can also visit my webpage at www.racheljana.jamberrynails.net/.
Also, you can always throw an online Jamberry party and earn yourself free products .  If you want me to tell you all about it, just let me know!
Thank you!

The BIG 1-0!!!!!

A big happy birthday to a big boy!
Happy birthday Alex!
I cant believe you are double digits now-- WOW!
I asked Alex what he wanted for his birthday-- fried chicken with all the fixings!
He wanted a chocolate cake too-- with sprinkles.

He loved opening up his presents.  His brothers enjoyed him reading their cards.
Happy birthday to my handsome, energetic, happy-go-lucky son!  It is wonderful watching him grow up into a nice young man! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


One day the younger boys made a big poster to hang up in their room.
They got lots of help.
They worked on it for hours.
They were excited to hang it up in their room.
Rachel helped add the finishing touches.  The poster is now hung up in their room.  Nolan likes to tape new drawings to it every chance he gets.  The poster is going to fall down any day now because it has too many things taped to it.  When that happens, I will just pull out the butcher paper and have them draw a new poster!
Natalie will put cheerios in her mouth and pockets them in the roof of her mouth until they are soggy.  Since this takes such a long time, her brothers usually come and eat all of them off her tray.  Thankfully, Miss Nattles doesn't seem to mind.

Mr. Oliver is having surgery this week.  He is having his tonsils and adenoids out.  He is supposed to have a sedated hearing test as well.  Earlier in the week he had blood work done to make sure he was good to go.  Oliver started crying and moving around as soon as he realized we were holding his arm to keep it from moving-- which made the whole process longer than it needed to be.  When did my little boy get so strong? 
On a side note, Oliver is going to begin attending pre-school five days a week.  I think he will enjoy it so much!