Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Catching Up

I think he is finally doing better. I hope.
I hope there isn't another trip to urgent care or the E.R. in the near future.
For the last three months Oliver has looked like this more times than not.
Poor guy.
Kissing tonsils have literally wiped him out.
After three rounds of antibiotics his tonsils are still huge.  He has sleep apnea and now sleeps with us every single night.  After going back and forth with insurance, the ENT, and our pediatrician, Oliver is finally scheduled to have his tonsils and adenoids out and have a sedated hearing test at the beginning of March.
I'm praying this surgery will improve his overall health.

 We were given a ton of books.  The girls have enjoyed reading them.
One night William thought it would be fun to make snow.
It wasn't enough to make a snowman though.
In their free time, the boys have turned the dirt side of our yard into a bike track.
This is their new favorite thing to do and they are constantly making changes to the track.
After three months home, Natalie is finally beginning to play with Oliver.  Here he is teaching her peek-a-boo.  Oliver is a little rough with her since he only knows how his older brothers play with him, but he is learning to be gentler.
Natalie has a host of behaviors that I think may be institutional autism, but I am not sure.  I'm certain she has aerophagia too.  She definitely has some anxiety/PTSD going on.  Remember when I mentioned that the pediatrician said that Natalie has Situs Inversus?  Well, I mentioned this to the technician who did her echo and he said that her organs were in the right place.  At this point no one is really able to explain why the x-ray looked the way it did but my theory is that her colon and stomach gets so full of air that it is hard to accurately read the films. 
The cardiologist cleared Natalie for surgery so in the next month or two she will have tubes and a sedated hearing test.   In hopes of getting Natalie the right help I am taking her to an international adoption clinic next week for a full evaluation.  Meanwhile, we are having Oliver's old teacher come out to work with her.
Natalie has a long way to go but she is nearly walking and finds many things to laugh and smile about throughout the day.
Here is our new favorite dessert.  Galina found it, and it is the bomb!  The first week we had it, she made it three times.
Here is the recipe.


  1. Poor Oliver! I bet this surgery will help him immensely.
    Natalie has already come so far, I can't wait to see how she adapts to your family over the next year.

  2. I, too, think the surgery will help Oliver. My youngest daughter had what the doctor called cronic tonsillitis and had her tonsils and adenoids out before she was 3. This was 42 years ago! After that her eating and overall health improved immensely. Dear little Natalie has a road ahead of her, but how lucky she is to have you and John and your lovely family to help her along and to reach her potentional. God bless you all.

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. Sweet Oliver! Praying for healing and progress for the whole family. I love how creative your boys are in the back yard and how flexible you are as a mom to let them create new things!

  4. Oh man :( ....
    I remember the first time I got tonsillitis when I was 6 years old, ugh that was one of the worst sickness I ever had to stay home from school with. Mouth pain is not something i can deal with well and its probably because of that.

    Luckily i never had to get them removed but a few of my friends did and it was very very painful, the cauterization drove them nuts. I hope Ollie gets better really fast, it breaks my heart to see him passed out like that knowing he's sick.

  5. You really need to watch with that aerophagia, constant retention of air in the colon can cause toxic megacolon which is a distention of the colon causing pockets. We learned about it in my anatomy classes, also because I suffer from ulcerative colitis and my doctor had told me about it.

  6. Praying for Oliver and that his surgery is a TOTAL success:) Praying for both Oliver and Natalie and their hearing:) I am an EI therapist for children who are deaf/hearing-impaired. Please tell William I will GIVE him all the snow he wants! We are north of Boston and have more snow on the ground than ever in history!!! Brrrrr:) The dessert looks amazing:)

    Susan from Boston

  7. LOL what did William make snow out of, just ice?


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