Saturday, January 10, 2015

Misc. Pictures

 Legos, legos, and more legos.  Nolan has taken up an interest in the last few months.  
I think Paul nearly polished off the whole tin of popcorn.
Natalie is a pretty good eater if her food is pureed.  She will tolerate textures, but definitely prefers when her food is not super thick.  Fine with me since watering down her food is the only way I can get her to drink plain water.  All of her liquid has to be sweetened, so I add nectar or prune juice to even her milk.
We call her hand that you see up near her face "Wilson" like from the movie Castaway.  It is her buddy and she constantly needs to know that "Wilson" is nearby.

The nickname Sweet Pea never caught on.  We much prefer Natty K or Nattles. 
Nattles is smiling more and more everyday.  Mostly because she cracks herself up, but sometimes because she is responding to something we have done.
Either way, it sure is cute.
And look at this face.  Natalie's expressions are so funny!
The boys enjoy coloring.  They got new coloring books and markers for Christmas.
John and I recently celebrated 21 years of marriage. 
We went out to dinner with the gift card we got from the kids. 
Here are pictures from New Year's Eve. 

Cheesy scalloped potatoes are always a hit!

We also made sliders with homemade buns.

When we are all sitting down at the table eating dinner, I often, randomly ask one of the kids, "Do you know why this tastes so good?"
They always answer--
"Because it's made with love!"


  1. Natalie looks so much more peaceful. What a gift you have been given to watch unfold before you. It's like those time lapse videos of a flower blooming... in God's time...
    That pool of lego's would haunt me. I would make it my life goal to create something that uses every single piece in it. I'm going to dream of that tonight! :D

  2. Nicknames have a life of their own. I oh-so-briefly called Monica "Sweet Pea", but it soon turned into Pea Blossom, and now Blossom. You never know where nicknames will lead, but the ones that are developing for Natalie are adorable (as she is).

  3. Happy Anniversary! The sliders look yummy! We have those often, with homemade buns, too! Natalie looks so happy!

  4. Does Paul eat popcorn with braces????

  5. Natalie looks so much happier!! Such a cutie!! My little boys love lego too. Keeps them busy for hours on end.

  6. Christine, I am a longtime reader, and I just want to say that I love your family. I know your kids aren't perfect, but they are so happy and well-adjusted. Little Nattles is just blooming. And your little boys, what a blessing for them to have another sister to love! It can't be easy, but I think you are wonderful, and I am betting you get back much more than you put in:)

  7. Natalie is a beautiful little girl. Her fascination with her hand may not be just a quirk -- it's one of the classic early signs of autism. Given Natalie's background and the fact that she has Ds, have you considered getting her screened for autism?

  8. Congrats on 21 years of marriage. That's awesome. I have to tell you too that my little girls love your pool full of legos! They are building with them even as I type!

    Beautiful family!

  9. I love your beautiful family.
    Natalie is fitting in so nicely, she looks happy and so healthy.
    Love the kids just starting playing with them again,
    When my oldest boys were little they always loved legos. Now the girls love them. Caleigh got a Legos Friends set for Christmas and she enjoys letting lil M help her
    Lisa mommytoalot

  10. Awwww very cute 😊. Does Natalie have a scar running down her sternum?? What is that from if you don't mind me asking, not trying to be nosey at all

  11. Also after reading another comment on here about possible autism, I thought I would suggest that as well I didn't want to bring it up in the past because I didn't want to be rude or make you feel as if I was judging your beautiful family whom you know I absolutely adore

  12. Love the photos! Looks like things are settling back down into routine. Love Natalie's laughing face.

  13. It really looks like Nolan is taking his job as a big brother to Natalie very seriously and sweetly. Look at the loving smile he has on his face in the picture of the 2 of them. You have such an awesome family...I had a discussion about God with some people recently and i said you don't need to die to know God, I said God is love, thats his main conduit, when you love and truly care about people, that warmth that comes over you...thats God, and its when that feeling coming over you that you should pray to him, because you've got his full attention at that point. And well now that my ramble is over, my point is that...well for lack of a better term The force runs strong in your family. :) Make sure them little guys continue with their BSF :)


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