Thursday, January 1, 2015

Family Love

Kisses are the best! Especially when they are Oliver kisses!
He is such a sweetheart and literally the best cuddler on earth.
Natalie is learning to cuddle too.  The transformation that our Heavenly Father is doing in her life is nothing short of miraculous.   She is not the same little girl I brought home six weeks ago.
And then there is Sveta.  I just love her so!  The young woman she is growing up to be makes me very proud of her.
This picture says it all.  Even though Natalie is more accepting of our loving touch, she is still not crazy about moose kisses.
Natalie and Oliver both love music.
The last two services at church both of them have sat in the main service with us.  They seemed to thoroughly enjoy the worship time.
Natalie is thriving on all the attention she is getting.  Not only is she blossoming, but her siblings are enjoying spending time with her-- getting her to laugh, make eye contact, and smile.

It warms my heart when I see our kids like this.  Nolan, Oliver, and Alex were watching a movie when Alex reached out to put his arm around Oliver and pulled him close.  It is little moments like this that make me smile.
Oh my!  The love these two have for each other is priceless.  Nolan adores Natalie and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.
Just hanging out.
When Natalie first came home, William was standoffish with her.  I didn't catch it immediately, but I knew something was wrong.  About a week after she came home, William came to hang out with me as I sat with her on my bed.  I could tell he wanted to get something off his chest, but he didn't know what to say.  It took some coaxing to get him to share with me.  Eventually he told me that he didn't really know how to describe it, but he wasn't as excited as everyone else about Natalie finally being here.  He felt that things were very different now and he wasn't sure he liked it.  I totally got what he was saying and explained how his feelings were completely normal and that I was very thankful for him opening up to me.  I reminded him of how he felt similarly when Oliver and Nolan first came home.  Change is hard, especially for him.  I asked him if he still felt that way and he smiled and said of course not.  I also shared with him that some of his siblings felt the same way he did when he was first born.  He could hardly believe that one of his older brothers were a little jealous of him when he first came home.   Once William's feelings were validated and he no longer felt guilty for feeling the way he did, things immediately changed.  He began to interact with her-- right there on the bed he reached out to touch her hand and sweetly said hi to her.
 He started spending time with her.  When he got her to smile, he would smile even bigger.
Recently I asked him if his feelings for his little sister had changed.
He smiled sheepishly.  "Yes.  She is pretty cool." 


  1. All of this post brings tears to my eyes Christine. Happy tears :-) It is amazing how much Natalie has blossomed in the time she has been home. I have watched several of your children just blossom and thrive in your loving home. It is wonderful to watch even through photos and your blog words. Bless you all :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. well... I would think that with 11 kids over 14... life musn't be all roses ans candies.. I only just made it surviving 4 kids becoming adults! :) and one just abandonned the adolescent thing about thinking parents are your enemies at the age of 28... and they are sweet kids... :P
    So I really wonder how you can manage all these young people on the way to become adults !
    Looking back I am sad I didn.t rely more on God... but then I realise I am still having the possibility to do that... :)
    we are still not out of the woods... :)


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