Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

These past few weeks have gone by so fast.  Christmas Eve was here before I knew it.  With so much to get done, I was thankful for the extra help in the kitchen.   Adam and Caleb sliced all the potatoes so I could make cheesy scalloped potatoes. 
Grandpa and Grandma brought some yummy snacks.
Galina got a belated birthday present from Grandma-- a beautiful hand knitted scarf.
Adam waited for all of us to pile into the cars.
Once Christmas Eve dinner was in the oven, we went to the evening service at our church.  It was a beautiful reminder of no matter how messy (and unperfect) our lives are... there is much to rejoice in for a Savior was born who loves us (and our messy lives) very much.
Early Christmas morning, William got up with Baboonya to make Christmas breakfast.  He bought and made cinnamon rolls and strawberry shakes as his gift to the whole family.  It was incredibly thoughtful of him-- and much appreciated.
I barely got everything wrapped in time for Christmas morning.  I ran out of Christmas bags so began using birthday bags.  I don't think anyone minded though.
Christmas morning was very nice.
The kids were very excited.
Galina's sister Allie, joined us.
After the kids opened their stockings, the cinnamon rolls were ready.  We all shared a nice breakfast before beginning to open all the gifts.

Jonny and Andrew got out Lexi's stocking full of treats.
Lexi was happy to get a morning treat.
Opening presents has always been a bit crazy at our house, and this Christmas morning was no exception.
We started out having one person at a time open a gift, but realized that we would take hours.
Soon, there were 3 or 4 kids opening presents at the same time.  This turned out to be a nice pace.

In addition to William making breakfast for everyone, he got the four youngest boys a DVD of Masha and the Bear.  It is in Russian but the boys still love it!  And honestly, it is so much easier to watch now instead of watching it on youtube through the Wii--- that we all think it was probably the best gift idea this year.  Great job William!

Happy birthday Jesus!  And happy birthday Rachel!

Aunt Tanya came over and brought Misty.  We have all enjoyed spending time with her.

The girls got the new Just Dance game for the Wii.
Oliver enjoyed himself some chocolate pie.
Paul loves playing with his new Bop It Tetris.
Today I got a really special gift from Natalie.   She fell asleep on my chest during naptime.   She slept on me for one hour-- and it was amazing.  (This is truly a gift since such intimacy is hard for her and something I do not think she got in the orphanage)  Sadly, she woke up crying like she does everyday from her nap and could not be consoled until I got up and walked around, but at least it only took 10 minutes to get her to stop crying instead of her normal half hour.  Since this happens everyday when she wakes up from her afternoon nap, I can't help but think that she experienced something traumatic in the orphanage around the time she got up from her nap-- on a regular basis I might add. 
  Time for another game of pinochle.
Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas!


  1. Looks like you had a really nice day. We all open the gifts from a certain person at the same time. Like everyone opens the gift from Uncle Ken at the same time and so on. It works well for us but we only have four children at home now!!

  2. Merry Christmas Christine and everyone!

  3. Merry Christmas Reed family!!!! Hope it was amazing, so many kids, so many presents, its like Toys R' Us in a residential setting! LOL You are truly a blessed family, and I hope all the kids enjoyed their presents and the day that ensued. God Bless and Happy Holidays Christine and family!!!!

  4. Your family is truly special! I wonder if Natalie was hosed down after her nap (my daughter adopted for Russia, was taken into the "bathroom" and her little pantie were stripped off and I think she was washed off and up into a diaper). She was almost always given to me with tears in her eyes! Nothing better than having your little angel fall asleep in your arms.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.
    Lisa mommytoalot

  6. Just wanted to encourage you - my 20 month old biological son wakes up crying after his nap every afternoon too for about 30 minutes unless Daddy is home. It just seems like a hard transition from nap to awake for him.


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