Friday, December 5, 2014

Hot Oatmeal Weather

These days have been flying by.  Honestly, I have yet to find our new normal.  Maybe it's because of the holidays and all the medical appointments for Natalie... hopefully that's all it is.  I shutter to think that I might remain this scatterbrained...
Back on Monday Natalie had blood work and x-rays taken.  Even though I pumped her up with fluids beforehand, the tech had to poke and prod her a hundred times before she was successful.  Poor sweet Natalie.  She had the same thing happen in Bulgaria.  Next, Natalie had x-rays of her abdomen and neck taken.  Later in the week, the doctor called me to say that there were no concerns except for Natalie needing one more view of her neck.   She also thought it was interesting that Natalie has abdominal situs inversus.  This shouldn't pose any problems, but it is good too know.
Now for pictures.
The boys really like having a little sister. 
Natalie is now on a regular sleeping schedule thankfully.  This picture was taken over a week ago when she was still fighting jet lag. 
Now that it actually feels like winter around here, the kids are really enjoying bowls of hot oatmeal as their after school snack.
Natalie got this toy dog as a gift.  Everything was fine until she discovered that the whole ear could fit in her mouth.  :)
Gotta love her purple socks!  This month Rachel turns 19. 
It melts my heart when I see my kids being sweet.  Here Anastasia and Sveta sweetly shared the couch during a movie.
All sprawled out. 
Oliver's personality is really shining nowadays.  These pictures say it all.  He is the most touchy-feely cuddle bug ever.  He finds new ways to give hugs and cuddles all the time.   Now he loves to give kisses too.  How lucky am I? :)


  1. That last photo of Oliver is so dear...and Rachel is beautiful as always. Zhenya has that abdominal situs inversus, as well. They told us that in Russia (translated as "his stomach is upside down") but it doesn't cause any issues. In Russia they do that sort of heavy-duty evaluation of everyone; typically here no one would ever have a reason to know or find out.

  2. Awww look at Natalie and the stuffed animal, she looks like she's in awe like she just met Godzilla lol such a cutie and Oliver is just ridiculously adorable!

  3. I'm glad she's doing so well. I'm sure she'll be thriving soon.


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