Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Rachel

Happy birthday to our daughter Rachel!  She is nineteen years old.  Since her birthday is on Christmas, we usually celebrate it early.  John and I took her and her new boyfriend out to a place called the Panda Inn.   We had a wonderful time, but didn't get very many pictures.   Since the night ended kind of late, we did not go home and do cake and presents with all the other kids either.  We waited until closer to Christmas and took the whole family out to dinner-- to celebrate Christmas and Rachel's birthday.
And John (the sweet guy that he is) took lots of pictures for me. :)
Waiting to be seated.

About thirty minutes later, two tables were ready for us.

Since we went on a Saturday night, there was a balloon guy there.  He made Rachel a birthday crown.

Before leaving, John attempted to get a quick group picture.  Many of the little kids were not looking, Caleb was not there, and only the top of Alex's head shows as he was still eating his meal-- LOL.   Oh well.
Happy birthday to an amazing girl young woman.   We are so proud of our oldest daughter.  She is beautiful inside and out and we are super excited to see what God has in store for her in the coming year!


  1. She is beautiful! Happy Birthday!!

  2. What a beautiful young lady. Stand back and watch God work! I bet there are amazing things in store for her.

  3. What a gorgeous young lady !
    And gosh... they must be stunned when you arrive and are 21 or 22 as a family !
    Nataly looks very peaceful... ?

  4. Rachel has grown up to be such a beautiful woman. You have such a beautiful and large family Christine. God bless and have an incredible New Year!

  5. Happy Birthday Rachel! Love seeing group photos of all of you, and I almost didn't recognize Anna holding Natalie in that pic! She looks so grown up! Your family is truly beautiful. Happy new year!


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