Monday, December 1, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude

Sometimes on Thanksgiving we've had a tradition of going around the table and hearing what each person is thankful for.
This year we didn't do that.
Not because we weren't thankful.  But more due to the fact that we had 40 people (our immediate family of 20 plus 20 extended family and friends) around at least three tables so the logistics of hearing it all and the impatience (hunger) of everyone made it probably just too difficult.
So this blog, from John and I, is dedicated to those twenty that blessed us with their presence.

Aside from just coming, here are 20+ more reasons, to be thankful...not at all exhaustive!
Allie Russian rap music, sweet patience with our littlest boys, taking some out shopping
Matt n' Jenn Bringing awesome drinks, taking and giving great pictures
Lena Challenging us so well at Beyond Balderdash! (2nd place)
Elaine Awesome leadership in the cooking/meals and BAGELS !
Lisa Sweet wise patience and love especially with Sveta and your talking so much Russian!
Hanya The nice opportunity to catch up and for bringing Jenny and Joe (and all the cold cuts!!!).
Jenny Looking so great, being so cool and bringing Joe
Joe For oddly inspiring John to hit a windmill, telling us about the Upland skatepark,
and trying to get my kids to back flip.
Tanya For your amazing generosity and your interrogation of Adam F.   ;)
Medranos For bringing whole family, tables, chairs, and your Godly spirit of peace (and the salads!)
Adam F. For your tolerance of interrogation, for making Rachel smile so much,
and your patience with all the family.
Jack For your wisdom about parking the cars in the garage, the great snacks,
great sense of humor.
Kathy For the delicious stuffing and so much doing of the dishes!
Andy For learning and playing Balderdash, bringing Lena, and the interesting conversations.

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  1. I think we all have much to be thankful for. Those of us who have a roof over our head, food on the table and a nice warm bed to sleep in, and the love of our family, are indeed very fortunate.

    Marilyn from Canada


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