Monday, November 17, 2014

What's Been Happening Back Home

 Things have been going well back home while I have been in Bulgaria.
Nolan had his kindergarten soapbox derby parade. 
 The girls went ice-skating for Galina's birthday.  Galina's bio sister came for a visit.  I hear they got some bumps and bruises and plenty of blisters, but they enjoyed themselves. 
 William adores Oliver.  He told John the other day that he misses home schooling because he doesn't get enough Oliver time.
 John and the kids not only stained the play place, but they stained the swing set and all of the planter boxes too!  
I sure miss my Pooter Pants!


  1. Great happenings! At home and abroad!

    It will be fun to see how Natalie and Oliver get on together.

  2. Hi! I feel that Oliver and Natalie will become best friend as they grow up. Good luck, Pat


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