Saturday, November 8, 2014

Prayers are Being Answered

Thank you for all your prayers.   The transformation that is taking place in my little girl is something you would have to see to believe-- it is that amazing.
I'll start with the small stuff.
Remember that headband she could not stand just yesterday?
She is now wearing it until it slides down her forehead.
She took a three hour nap today and didn't even cry as she fell asleep. When she woke up, we went down to the lobby to catch a cab.  My foot got caught in a grate as I stepped into the street to get into the cab and because I was holding her, she bumped her head on the car door.  It wasn't hard, but it scared her and she began to scream.  I was able to console her very quickly.
She liked looking at all the different things at the mall.  There were a lot of people and many stores.
My friend Shelly had to buy her son underwear in this children's store.
We stopped at this candy store to check it out.
In some places this mall was five stories if you include the underground level.
In the mall, the heater was turned up full blast.  Natalie got really hot in her jacket and began to cry.  As soon as I got her out of her stroller and jacket she was happy to be in my lap while we ate dinner.
Today I was wearing a shirt that didn't cover my chest like yesterday.  Natalie was very content having skin to skin contact by kissing my chest and trying to suck on my necklace.  It was so sweet and I am positive it helped with attachment.  As I ate my piece of pizza I also noticed Natalie was watching me here and there.  She is starting to show more interest in food which is an answer to prayer.
When we got home, she ate 1/4 cup of baby food from a spoon.  She drank 7 ounces of milk and rice cereal from her bottle.  I could hardly believe it.
After that she began showing signs that she wanted to stand up.
I guess the gravity helped her to have her first bowel movement since being with me-- which is huge!
And I mean HUGE!
As if that wasn't enough, she wanted to walk holding both my hands so we did so all over the room.  Then she decided she would walk along her crib by herself.
I look at Natalie and cannot believe the flower that is blossoming before my very eyes.
What a blessing to be a part of her life.
She is a miracle.
These are pictures from yesterday of the breakfast buffet when we were in Burgas, the morning that we picked up Natalie.


  1. Oups forgot to ask...
    I wonder how your mother is living all that. If I understand she keeps back to allow attachment between you and Natalie ???

  2. that last photo is worth everything. beautiful.

  3. strange that my first comment doesn't appear...
    very strange...
    I was rejoicing and amazed by the miracle taking place... and the food ;)

  4. She is so cute. Congrats Christine :)

  5. I can't believe the difference in her!!!

  6. I can't wait until Natalie gets home to all the loving and cuddling from her brothers and sisters!

  7. Oh my goodness.......look at that baby girl standing!!!! Christine..she is going to grow in every way with you and her family. She is just the dearest little sweetheart.......I have followed your blog since before you brought Dennis home and I get excited each time, so I cannot imagine how excited you all must all be :-) Safe travels home.

    Marilyn from Canada

  8. It's very modern. I guess with the orphan plight I expect to see a poor backward country. I wish they'd use more resources toward helping the orphans. I think her progress is just amazing. So many new experiences for her but she doesn't seem overwhelmed. It will be good to see how she interacts with all her new siblings.

  9. Hi! I love seeing pictures of your new daughter and how fast she is developing. A little bit of love goes a long way. Blessings, Pat


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