Monday, November 10, 2014

Passport Day

It is day 6 here-- Monday morning.
We started our day around 8:00 am.
By 9:00 am we were down in the restaurant eating breakfast at the buffet.
The staff is excellent here at catering to newly adopted children, so it has been a breeze finding something that Natalie will eat.  This morning she ate nearly a cup of pureed peaches and kiwi and about a 1/4 cup of yogurt, strawberry jam, and scrambled eggs that was more like a yogurt drink after it was pureed.  She didn't want to drink any milk this morning and she will only drink water if I force feed it to her through a dropper, but she is getting enough liquids through the foods that she is eating so I'm not going to worry too much.
The hotel has the flakiest croissants with the most tender inside I have ever tasted.  With creamy milk chocolate spread across it, my taste buds are doing a happy dance every time I take a bite.
Speaking of chocolate, my Mom and I shared a chocolate soufflĂ© that oozed hot liquid chocolate when we cut into it with creamy vanilla ice-cream.  It too was heavenly.
After breakfast, we came back up to our room.  We spent lots of time standing and looking out the window.  Natalie is getting stronger everyday.   She has the sweetest disposition, and her occasional coos are music to my ears. 

She loves to put everything in her mouth, so I have to watch her.  She was stuffing her shoe in her mouth, so I took off her shoes.  She does stim by gagging herself, but I redirect her and she stops.  Over the last three days, I am happy to report this behavior has become less and less of an issue as she is being stimulated in other ways.
She is taking it all in-- a very observant little one-- and she is learning quickly.
I have caught her catching herself from stuffing her hand down her throat and reaching for her pacifier.  It is so amazing to see.
It is almost time for us to head down to the lobby.  We are going to apply for her passport today.  It will be ready on Wednesday and then we will go to get her medical and TB test.  We will have the results on Friday, but since it will be late in the day, we have to wait till Monday to apply for her visa at the Embassy.  We will get that late Tuesday night of the 18th and fly out early the morning of the 19th.


  1. I believe she is a very intelligent little girl ! She is entering the open doors you open infront of her. She knows you are giving sence to her life and she is taking it all in...
    Yes, I believe she is a very intelligent little girrl ! :)

    I think I will have to go to Ukraine just for the breakfasts ! ;)

  2. Lovely! That dessert looks amazing. Is the ice cream as good as Russian ice cream?

  3. Christine,

    She looks so happy in the reflection in the window. Praise God for another life saved! I pray for your strength to endure while you are apart from your family. I pray for safe travels and speedy paperwork. You are doing great!


  4. Amazing! How can this be the floppy little rag doll you held on your previous visit? What a blessing!


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