Monday, November 17, 2014

Or Last Outing

 Yesterday we went on another walk.   This church is right in the middle of the busy city.  It looks kind of out of place, but we found it very interesting.  We were told that Christians gather every week to worship.
There are souvenir shops underground.
 When the city began working on the subway expansion they found relics that they want to try and preserve.  I guess Bulgaria built its cities upon cities.  I don't know the specifics but thought it was kind of cool.
 We ate lunch at a restaurant called Victoria.  When we walked in we noticed the white table cloths and wine glasses on the table.  "Please remove the wine glasses."  :)
 The place was a bit fancy but the food was affordable and very delicious.
 Once again my Mom and I shared our food.  We had a wonderful salad that had lettuce, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, olives, and pickled cabbage, carrots, corn, and mushrooms.  I squeezed lemon on it and added salt and pepper.  It was very good.
 The pizza was amazing.  It had a thin crust and very little sauce.  As simple as pizza and salad is, this was probably my favorite meal while I've been here.
 Natalie did very well in the restaurant.  In fact, she had a really great day overall!
 Today we had our Embassy appointment.   This is the last step in the adoption process.  The appointment went well and we should all have our children's visas tomorrow.
This is most of our adoption team with the other adoptive Moms.  What a group!
For dessert tonight, my Mom and I shared this wonderful lemon meringue pie.  There was actually no meringue, but it was delicious.  The caramel sauce was a nice added touch.


  1. I love all the food photos! Makes me envious, though.

  2. So glad you are almost home! I am sure you will look back on your Bulgaria experience with fond memories though. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home.

  4. Hi! I love that you show your blog readers bits and pieces of Bulgaria. The history seems amazing. Blessings and have a safe trip home, Pat


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