Thursday, November 13, 2014

More than Half Way Done

 This is our hotel.  Our room is on the 3rd floor in the corner.  We have a huge corner window to look out, and across from us is an old woman that stares out her window for hours everyday.
My Mom likes to stand outside and watch the traffic go by.  It is very entertaining to say the least.
 This is what the hotel looks like in the lobby.

 On one of our walks we passed the bakery with the interesting bread loaves.
Some are whimsical.
 This one is simple yet elegant.
 These last two are very pretty.

 It is kind of odd that a place that sells hot buns is right next to this joint.  Sadly, we have seen other sex shops and even a topless dancer tour bus.
 It is easy to go stir crazy sitting in our hotel room all day, so we try to get out for a few hours everyday if not more. 

 We walked to a toy store the other day to check out what they have.  Toys are so expensive compared to back home.  In fact all things you would buy in order to raise a child like a car seat, stroller, baby food, diapers, clothes, and shoes are very expensive here.  That is why many people here have only 1 or 2 children.
However, I was able to get this Cabbage Patch Fairy on sale for only 4,5 leva which is less than $3.00.  Natalie likes to shove the doll's whole arm or foot into her mouth, so I had to instantly take it away. 
 Yesterday we took all of the kids to get their TB blood test and medical. 
Here is Shelley holding Colleen's son.
 And here is Colleen holding her daughter right after her blood test.
 Natalie was not an easy draw, but the tech finally got a vial full.
 Shelly's oldest son was not a happy camper.
 Dani and Didi are twin sisters who have helped with a good portion of our adoption.  My Mom insisted on taking their picture. :)
 Here we are waiting while Natalie's paperwork is filled out. 
 Finally they began the actual medical which took all of five minutes.  Natalie is actually 22 pounds!  I saw it with my own eyes! 
 The doctor listened to her heart and lungs.

As we left the doctor's office I was told the elevator was out of service because it was stopping in between floors.  So glad we were not on it when it began doing that.  
Yay-- Natalie's medical is done!  One more thing we can cross off our list.
 After we all got back to the hotel we went down to the hotel restaurant.
 The waiter accidently dropped a coke down my back and then it shattered on the floor, but other than that, the rest of the evening was uneventful.
 I had the tomato cream soup.
 My Mom ordered the Caesar salad again.
 Here is my Mom with our favorite waiter Mitko.  He goes out of his way to accommodate us.
 This morning we had to go and take more pictures,  The medical place requires four pictures now and we didn't have that many to give them.
This is Alex, our driver over the last few days.  He is Dani and Didi's cousin.  All of the team that we have worked with for our Bulgarian adoption is related.  How cool is that?
Only six more days till we are home!
P.S.  Natalie has Down Syndrome.


  1. Thanks for the update. So happy to see your smiling face. May the next six days be filled with great peace and happiness.

  2. Coats gloves and hats ! I was surprised you seemed to have such good weather.
    It's really nice to see you are not alone !
    But with all this gorgeous food I feel hungry and have been looking up bulgarian recipes ! :)

    I wondered if you feel things, food are different from Russia or Ukraine ???

  3. ;) are you having a pram game ? ;)
    (just like musical chairs !)

  4. She has DS? That was confirmed today upon the medical examination or you knew this prior? I felt like you had said in the past there was something else going on with her medically.

  5. She looks so much bigger in your pictures than her 22 pounds. Nice to have the medical part out of the way. One step closer!


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