Saturday, November 15, 2014


 Have you heard the saying, love comes softly? 
Well, I'm convinced that it does.
As does
and bonding.
As I hold my Sweet Pea in my arms this morning, I am at a loss for words to explain the gratitude in my heart that God entrusted me with this beautiful little girl.
My daughter.
She is simply amazing.
She is making more and more eye contact.
She is reaching out for me.
She still gets overwhelmed, but her curiosity gets the best of her.
 She is more relaxed.
Natalie is beginning to show her personality.
 She is shy.  Inquisitive.  Lovely.  Delicate.  Tender hearted.
 She makes the cutest expressions.
 I think I see a twinkle in her eye.
 She is still reserved, yet there are times when she cracks herself up.
She has the sweetest, lightest laugh imaginable.
 We have our special moments.
 I look at her and imagine how much more she is going to blossom.
And I think to myself-- I get to see this.  Live this.  Be a part of this.
 Natalie may not have grown in my tummy this past year but she has certainly grown in my heart.
In just four days Natalie will get to see her Daddy and meet her siblings. 
I am counting down the days.


  1. AMEN! and Praise God for providing all your needs. I know there are many of us rejoicing with you and who tear up with each momentous step Natalie takes.

  2. So cute, she is so cute I can't stand it!!!! :) How happy are you now that she's officially your daughter Christine!?

  3. Natalie is a beautiful angel..... Perfect fit for your family. I bet all of her siblings are very anxious to see her in person. God bless and safe travels home!!

  4. Hi! This is so awesome. I can see her changing every day and evolving into a child who is loved and connecting to a person who loves her. My heart goes out to the older children left behind who do not have families yet. You rock, Pat

  5. it so perfect that you have this time with her.... just the two of you because so many loving souls are waiting for her... and her dad ! She is going to be overwhelmed by all these loving people !
    Do you have a plan ??


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