Saturday, November 15, 2014

Look What They Did!

 Before I left, I asked John if he could please add a few slats to the play place to close the opening where Anna is standing.   Oliver loves to climb to where she is standing and I always had to stand right there to make sure he would not try to climb down.   My hope was to have it Oliver and Natalie proofed by the time I got home.
But look at what got done instead. 
In addition to adding the slats, he and the kids stained the whole play place!

It looks amazing!  Like new!  Thank you everyone at home!


  1. Yes it looks amazing !
    But is it Oliver and Nathalie proof ??

    The day Nathalie is going to climb up there... that will be an incredible day !

  2. It certainly does look amazing. WOW!!! Great job.......I'm with Nicole....the day Natalie climbs up there will be an incredible day. I think she has a wonderful spirit and will surprise all :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. Hi! The play set looks so child feeling. I am sure that Oliver will aid her in getting the hang of the play set. Pat

  4. This is great! We have the same set and did the same thing with the eagle's nest opening! Ours is also in desperate need of staining. That will be a good project to get done this spring.

  5. That is lovely! Oh, my Monnie would love that! I'm sure they'll all have a wonderful time there, and all the better that you won't have to worry so much.


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