Thursday, November 6, 2014

In Burgas

 This morning we left for Burgas.  It was overcast for the first two hours, but the fog lifted in no time.  We stopped for a bathroom break and I got this quick picture of the highway behind me.  It took four hours to arrive at our hotel.
We quickly checked in and then went out for lunch.  Afterwards, we went to the beautiful park at the Black Sea.  My Mom wanted to try the ice-cream that I had been talking so highly about.

 Here we are with our translator Didi and her Dad Plamen, our driver.

 Thankfully we found an ice-cream stand that was open.  This place is a ghost town compared to how crowded it was when we were here in June.

 So many flavors to pick from.  Three of us had chocolate except for Shelly who had wild berries.
 Ice-cream, a walk along the sea, and great company.  What else can a girl ask for?
We are back at the hotel for the night.  Had coffee and apple pie from McDonald's for dinner.
Tomorrow is the big day!


  1. So excited for your day tomorrow!!! I love it down there by the sea. Someday I will see it again!

  2. will you be able to sleep ?
    Looking forward hearing about all the details ! :)

  3. Can't wait for your next post!!! Enjoy your time with your mama while you are there!!!

  4. Cherish the memories! God bless!!

  5. so excited for you Christine!

  6. Hi! Good luck and many blessings with you new daughter. Enjoy your stay in her native country. Pat

  7. I really like this post... God Bless you both :)


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