Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween-- Reed Style

John carved pumpkins with the kids the night before Halloween. 

Nolan insisted on carving the little pumpkin he got during his fieldtrip at school the day before.
As the kids get older, less and less of them are interested in carving so it was neat to see Sveta and Paul in the kitchen.

It is a Reed tradition to light the pumpkins immediately after carving them to see how they look.

This year Dennis drew a face all by himself on a pumpkin.  Isn't it cute?
On Halloween day all was going well.  The plan was to have homemade chocolate chip cookies, and pizza.  Then, we would take the younger kids trick-or-treating for an hour or so.

Even Oliver was excited to dress up!
I was making my rounds taking pictures in between cooking.
Anastasia dressed up as a black cat.
Annalyn was a ninja.
Then just as we were sitting down to eat, Andrew comes into the kitchen from outside in tears.   He was playing with Lexi and tried to hop our fence on the side yard and grabbed the cinder block wall to hoist himself over.  A cinder block was loose and he pulled it down on himself.  He fell on Lexi, but he did manage to catch the brick to avoid it breaking his collarbone and jaw.  He got pretty scratched up though.  After some TLC, he felt like joining us for trick-or-treating and many people
thought his make-up was awesome!
By the way, Lexi is okay too.  I am so thankful both of them are fine-- it could have turned out so much worse!
Andrew who seems to be my accident prone child promised to be more careful while I am in Bulgaria.
(Needless to say, I didn't finish taking pictures of people dressed up.  Oh well,)


  1. Poor Andrew!!!

    Love your The Reed's pumpkin, for a few reasons!!!

  2. Hi! I bought my children a pumpkin and I craved it. The children named the pumpkin MR. Spooky. Have a nice day, Pat

  3. So, when I first saw that photo of Andrew, I "thought" the blood was part of his costume. Hope he heals quickly.


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