Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exploring Sofia

 Everyday Natalie is eating and drinking more and more.  I have been trying a few solids here and there and though she tries to spit them out she will eat a cereal puff that dissolves in her mouth.  I just smash it between my fingers first and then put it on the inside of her cheek.   She acts like she doesn't like it at the same time she is showing more interest in what I am eating.  Just this evening she was grabbing at the silverware on the table. 
We had dinner with Toni-- the one who worked so hard on our behalf here in Bulgaria.  Another family was here on their first trip and so we had a full table.
 It was nice getting to visit with so many adoptive families.
 For dinner my Mom and I split the chicken roll.
 Here is a group picture.  
 The next day we went to Alexander Nevsky's Cathedral.
 It  is gorgeous inside, but we weren't able to take pictures.
 Next to it was this Asian Memorial building.

 And on the other side of the cathedral was this building where they have this continual flame burning in remembrance of the fallen soldiers.
 Before we left this area, I took this picture that describes the cathedral.

 We went across the street to where all the vendors selling souvenirs and antiques were.
 There were so many pigeons out that day.
 Shelley B., Colleen's kids, and my Mom.
 This statue was near Alexander's cathedral.
 On the walk back to the hotel we passed this hotel with the casino.  There seems to be casinos all over the city.
 This is another beautiful church.
 It looked like this area was part of a movie set.
 This is the yellow brick road that runs near the presidential palace.
 Here is the presidential palace.  It is huge!
 If you look closely you can see the guards.
 Here is another view of the presidential palace from a different angle. 
 Walking around the city center was very nice.  We got to see so many beautiful buildings.
 Here is a statue of St. Sofia.
 I took this picture to show how the fronts of vacant buildings are covered. 
 For dinner we each had a duner.  It is a pita sandwich filled with chicken, french fries, pickles, garlic sauce, tomato, and cabbage or lettuce.  It's similar to a sandwich wrap and very, very good.
I tried this peach nectar Cappy.  It was very good.
Tomorrow is our embassy appointment!  This is the last adoption related thing we need to do before we can go home.  We are so close!


  1. oh you are really spoiling us ! another article ! Thanks !

    What a fantastic visit you gave us once more !

    Your mother is looking younger... :)
    getting adapted to the time change ?

    All the best for tomorrow !

  2. : ) So excited for you! Natalie is almost home!

  3. Congratulations, your new daughter is adorable.
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Could I get an inviteto your other blog please.


  4. Thanks for sharing, Christine!

    Just wish I could grab some of that food off the page....there's nothing in our city that looks half as tasty.


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