Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cherishing These Moments

Natalie is doing so well.  She really blows me away at how well she is adjusting.  The kids are really enjoying her too.
 Oliver is taking his role as big brother pretty seriously.  Natalie may technically be older by a few months, but she is definitely the baby.  At first he would start to cry every time Natalie would cry, but we explained how she is the baby and babies cry because they don't know what else to do.  Now he just tries to console her by holding her hand or giving her the pacifier.  
He is a little more clingy with me, but I just give him extra cuddles whenever he wants to climb up in my lap and after a few minutes he squirms out of my arms to get up and play some more.

 Natalie is learning to make good eye contact.  She especially loves interacting with Jonny, Dennis, Nolan, and Alex.
Here she is cooing in response to Dennis talking to her.
 I love how sweet and gentle Dennis is with her. 
In fact all my boys are very protective of their baby sister.
Natalie saw our pediatrician yesterday.  She gained a pound since she was weighed at her medical exam back in Bulgaria two weeks ago.  Thanks to creamed carrot puree, and apricot nectar smoothies she is now 23 pounds!  Natalie has orders for routine blood work, and  x-rays for her tummy and neck.  She has referrals to the cardiologist, ophthalmologist, and ENT.  She got a few vaccinations too.  Other than that, our pediatrician was very happy to hear how well Natalie has progressed in the short time that we have had her.  She will follow-up with Natalie's progress in two months.
Natalie's food and liquid intake is no longer a concern.  She is eating and drinking a healthy amount throughout the day.  She will not only tolerate pureed foods that aren't sweet, but she is eating foods that have soft chunks and texture. 
Natalie is so cute that when we go to offer her a drink from her bottle, she spits out her pacifier.


  1. Love the cuddle photos! Congratulations on so much progress too!

  2. Dennis holding her is so sweet.

    I just have a curiosity question, perhaps you don't feel comfortable answering-
    Does a new adoption bring back all those adoption memories for the other kids? I mean, for example, does Dennis act sweetly with her to help her because he remembers when he was scared/new? Or does a new adoptee only bring out joy for a new sibling?

  3. Beautiful inspiring pictures.
    Congratulations on bringing your baby girl home
    blessings to you and yours
    lisa mommytoalot

  4. So glad she is doing so well! And I love the pictures of Natalie soaking in all the love!!!

  5. AHHH Look at Oliver and Natty!!!! so beautiful!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing all of this... so glad she is doing so well. She seems to have such an easy-going disposition.


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