Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Authentic Bulgarian Food

For the last stretch of our flight I had a courtesy seat change at the pilot's request before boarding the shuttle.  I didn't know why but I went from sitting in the very back to almost the front, so I didn't complain.  As soon as we boarded the plane I had to use the restroom and headed for the back.  That is when I heard a man yelling, sitting handcuffed with three police officers restraining him in 30B-- what was my original seat.  It was a bit scary but I was reassured that the police officers had it under control.  Eventually he did settle down.
My mom got the chance to sleep on this flight which was good for her.
We arrived safely and went through passport control and customs in record time.
On the way to our hotel we stopped by a bank to exchange money.
After settling into our room and packing a small suitcase for our one night trip to Burgas in the morning to pick up Natalie, we planned on calling it an evening.
However, the three of us got a second wind and decided to go out to an authentic Bulgarian restaurant for dinner.

 The décor was so cool-- lots of things on the walls... a wagon sitting on the rafters.
 The menu covers were made of wood.

 The food was out of this world delicious.
We had shopka salad.
 The pork, beef, and chicken braid with dill potatoes and cabbage salad was awesome!
 We couldn't resist-- lamb with a dill yogurt sauce, salad, and buttery rice. 
Words do not do this food justice.  It was that good.  We plan to go again.... and again... and again.
Just kidding, but I definitely want to go there at least one more time.
Tomorrow morning we will take a 4-5 hour drive to Burgas where Natalie is.
Yay!  We are so close!


  1. puts butterflies in my tummy to think she is soon out of this place and in the loving arms of her mother !

    I just left the table but you make me want to eat again !

  2. Thanks for letting us tag along on another adoption trip! You're so awesome! It's so nice that your mom is with you; how special for all of you--your mom, you, and little Natalie!

  3. How exciting! And that food does look really good!

  4. I live in your city and never comment but check for posts daily! I am so just so excited for you and Natalie that I can't not comment to say "yayyy!" :)

  5. Oh, my goodness! It looks amazing! I hope you bring home some recipes. My family's favorite meal is still that dish that John described from his stay in Ukraine!

    So hungry now too! So glad you are all getting to enjoy this together. Safe travels tomorrow to your daughter.

  7. Hi! I am so happy for you. Enjoy your baby and her country. Pat

  8. Yay your on your way to bring home a your daughter. Praying for all, how exciting. I am sure she will be spoiled and loved on by her siblings too soon. Yay!!

    God bless


  9. Was Mom sitting next to the handcuffed man? lol. She is zonked out but good. Looks like you ladies are having a wonderful experience together and I'm sooo glad you get to do this with eachother. Love and miss you both, can't wait to see y'all for Thanksgiving XOXO


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