Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sick For Like a Second

Friday morning Oliver woke up not feeling very well.  He was clingy and lethargic-- it broke my heart to see.  He was running a small fever.  I thought that perhaps he would feel better after eating a little something so I went to put him in his high chair.  That is when he threw up all over my back and on the floor.  Poor guy was sicker than I first thought.
I immediately started applying peppermint (with almond oil as the carrier oil) under his nose and rubbed into his tummy.  That got his nausea under control.  We prayed for God to heal his little body as he slept here on the couch.  We prayed for God to keep the rest of our family healthy.
And God performed a miracle.
 By lunch Oliver woke up wanting to eat.
He seemed 100 times better.
His fever broke.
No one else ever got sick.

Praise the Lord!  He is the great Physician.
*When using essential oils, use sparingly.  Less is more.  A little goes a long, long way.  When using topically like under the nose, on a scrape, bug bite, or on a cold sore, I use a clean cotton swab dabbed at the end of the bottle applicator and then dipped in the carrier oil. 
Thank you to the reader who brought to my attention that peppermint oil should not be used on children younger than 6 years of age because it is a strong oil.  Though I used very little, I would rather be safe than sorry. *
Here is another of the kids' drawings.  I am just so proud of them!
Anastasia drew this first one.

Andrew this last one.
We hope to have some very exciting news to share tomorrow!


  1. I am so glad Oliver is better. Dear little sweetheart. I hate to see little ones sick. Those drawings are just so good Christine:-) The detail is amazing. Can't wait to hear your news tomorrow😘😘

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. So glad that Oliver's better and his bug didn't get passed around.

    I notice the cotton bales in the kids' fabulous drawings. Perhaps they'll like these statistics about a bale of cotton.

    How many pairs of jeans in a bale of cotton?, Lee Jeans Asks
    By Janice Person on August 14, 2012 in ag awareness, agriculture, cotton, Food & Farm

    One bale of cotton will make ___ pairs of Lee Jeans

    So…. how many pairs of Lee Jeans can you make from one bale of cotton? Well, I’ll give you a hint ..... A bale of cotton weighs just under 500 pounds. With that hint I hope you don’t low ball it too badly.

    For jeans, you can make 215 pairs! Here are some of the other quantities of various cotton items you can get from a bale of cotton, according to the National Cotton Council, one bale of cotton can make:

    215 Pairs of Jeans
    249 Bed Sheets
    409 Men’s Sport Shirts
    690 Terry Bath Towels
    765 Men’s Dress Shirts
    1,217 Men’s T-Shirts
    1,256 Pillowcases
    2,104 Boxer Shorts
    2,419 Men’s Briefs
    3,085 Diapers
    4,321 Mid-Calf Socks
    6,436 Women’s Knit Briefs
    21,960 Women’s Handkerchiefs
    313,600 $100 Bills

    Another thing to note, bales used to be wrapped in that nice burlap. it helped keep cotton clean and was pretty cheap, well now, bales are wrapped in plastic bags. It keeps them clean, doesn’t run the risk of sticking to the lint (you wouldn’t want burlap fiber making it into your 500 count sheets!)

  3. Glad he's feeling better, but be careful with the peppermint oil please!! It's not recommended for use in kids under six.

  4. Praise God for quick healing and protection for everyone else. You have great artists growing at home!
    Can't wait to hear your good news!

  5. Hi! I hope you son continues to improve and no one else in your house gets sick. Praying for you, Pat


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