Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday Anastasia!

What a beautiful young lady Anastasia is growing up to be!
What a blessing to celebrate with her.

Anastasia loves shrimp and sushi, so we got shrimp and sushi along with pizza.

Of course she got some help blowing out the candles.
After eating cake and opening presents, I took the girls out to the gym and hot tubbing.  We had a fun time-- just us girls!

  Let's just say, the conversation was quite interesting. :)
Happy birthday sweet daughter!


  1. It is amazing how you take the time to celebrate each child on their birthday! This normally happens with smaller families, but for a big family to make the day special with their meal and dessert of choice is really special :)
    And I'm sure they love it (I mean, when you get cake 15+ times a year, why wouldn't you love it?! ;) )


  2. Anastasia has such a gentle spirit - I can tell from her photos. What a long way she has come since you brought her home. She is so beautiful. Happy Birthday Anastasia!! The cake looks beautiful too :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. Hi! My children love going to the gym to work out. Walking on the trend mills and track are a favorite at my house. Happy birthday! Pat

  4. Happy Birthday!Hope you enjoyed your special birthday.


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