Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

The weather was so nice today we thought it would be a great day to visit our local pumpkin patch.
After parking and getting our wristbands this was the first thing we saw.  With my camera in hand I yelled to the boys to get behind so I can get a picture.
Now that most of our kids are older, the four youngest boys are the ones who seem to get the most enjoyment out of the rides.
Even Oliver had a blast doing all the inflatables.
Sveta has been working at the pumpkin patch for the last week.  She likes it!

Annalyn enjoys it too!  Julia ended up saying no to working at the pumpkin patch due to other obligations.
Oliver was able to do most of the rides that his older brothers did-- with a little help.
William is our thrill seeker.  He enjoyed this ride a lot.
Nolan was a little speed demon.
All the boys had fun driving around.
William climbed this rock wall at least four times.
Dennis had fun trying.  He climbed higher than I would have.
Andrew was a jumper, not a flipper.  He jumped very high!

Paul was nervous at first, but towards the end he was trying to flip. 
William and Dennis raced on these quads.
Anastasia, Julia, and Oliver
Jonny flipped forwards and backwards.
Kettle corn is so yummy!
We all loved the petting zoo.


 This visit to the pumpkin patch was the perfect way to spend our Saturday.  We left just as the lines were forming.  We came home and had breakfast for dinner.
Now the house is quiet and everyone is asleep.
17 more days until I leave for Bulgaria! 


  1. Your haircut is absolutely perfect. You look terrific!!!!!

    I'll be praying for you both on your trip to get Natalie.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun - we don't have that sort of thing in Australia.

  3. Loks like all the kids were full of energy.... I think the littles really like anything they can "drive" makes then such big boys..they are cute to see all crunched together like a giant pileup in the one picture....

    You didn't say, what did Alex enjoy the most????? What was his favorite? I love to watch all the improvements he has made, that's hard work!! Even with his crutch he still seems to be able to do just about anything the others can do... At least it looks like he gives it everything he's got and tries most things. I envision Alex eventually walking and running... without a crutch and hopefully without the leg braces one of these days... I always pray he will and soon..

    Great read, and pictures. Thanks so much for posting those.....Love seeing what they are doing next.., fun,happy bunch you have there.and you look like you are hugging that kettle I love kettle corn...

    Love, Peggy

  4. Hi ! In Erie there are a few pumpkin farms. My children love going to the pumpkin farm because there is always something to do and catches their eyes. The corn maze is a favorite at my house. Pat

  5. You look absolutely radiant! I love the new hair cut!

  6. What a fun day! Nothing better than an outdoor fun adventure. The kids are all having a blast. I LOVE breakfast for supper...eggs, bacon/ham, fried tomatoes and waffles/pancakes/toast.......yum yum.

    BTW your hair looks lovely!

    Marilyn from Canada

  7. I gotta add my love for your new hair do also! Didn't you say you cut it yourself? You do a lot of haircuts in your family don't you? You are really talented! That's the first pumpkin patch I've seen with rock climbing and the bungee jumping like that... very cool.

  8. That new haircut makes you look like one of your daughters :) I had to do a double take to realize it was you.

  9. Great pictures, loved seeing all those smiles !
    I was wondering while reading this post... It will be 10 years since you first wrote your first blogpost I think, how do you feel when you look back and see how much your kids (and family !) have grown and blossomed ? :)
    God bless you all !

  10. Love the hair Christine! You're a hot mamma!!

  11. I can't get over how much you have slimmed down, whatever you did, you did it right because you look very healthy. In my line of work I see a lot of people trying to diet down and they end up doing crash diets and although they lose the weight they look incredibly unhealthy. But seriously between the new hair do, and how trim you got, and the lack of glasses, you look like an entirely different person, and not to be disrespectful sounding, but it makes you look so much younger, (Disrespectful in the sense that I didn't want you to think that I thought you looked old to begin with lol).

    I also love that the kids are riding around on quads, I own a few quads myself and own 5 miles of property in the catskill mountains upstate New York. Seeing the kids ride makes me want to take some time off and go riding with the lady lol

  12. I like that "bouncing" picture of William :)
    Somewhere between...:)


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