Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Doing Well

The artists completed a new drawing.
We do many other drawings with much less detail throughout the week, but these are our big projects that take at least a week to complete.
 Andrew drew this first one.  Though he was the first to get his done, I think it turned out great!

 Sveta drew this one.  Isn't it wonderful?
 Paul drew this masterpiece.
 Anastasia took her time completing this work of art.
School for both those that go to school and those who are a part of the charter homeschool program is going well.  Finally.  It took us quite a while to iron out everything and get into a groove.  That included some changes, but the changes are working for our family, and that is what matters.
William is doing waterpolo.    Julia, Galina, and Sveta are a part of the Interact Club.  A few of the kids are earning college credit.   Anna has rejoined the homeschoolers.  Rachel is working two jobs saving for a car since she only has two classes.  Andrew and Anastasia are taking piano.  Oliver goes to speech, OT, and a speech intensive pre-school a few times a week.   We are blessed to have our friend, a retired school teacher come out once a week for a few hours to help with reading and homework.
I just got these oils.  All of them are new except for the peppermint.  So excited!  If you would like to learn more about how the oils are used, please check out Heritage Oils.
Getting this stocking for Natalie was on my to-do list.  Now all of my kids have matching stockings!
For Thanksgiving, we are going to have a very full house.  Not only will Natalie be home, but my sister is coming from Texas, a few of her friends, friends from church, and lots of family.  It will be wonderful!
Just seven more days till I leave!
(With my Mom of course!)


  1. Your kids are such great artists! I love to see their work!

    How in the world do you manage your schedule? Do you ever get a chance to sleep!?

  2. Lovely drawings from the children! And one week until you get to see Natalie again, and to bring her home. I can't wait to see her reaction to her brothers and sisters!

  3. I love your children's art - totally incredible!

    I love your family!

    And I love your blog :)


  4. I love that the kids sit down and do drawings together. Reminds me of me and my friends when we were in elementary school. Me, 2 of my friends and my little brother used to all sit at my dining room table and draw pictures of superheroes. Most of the time my friends would draw they would compete with each other to see which one of their drawings i thought was the best because I was the "artist" of the group, especially after I taught them how to draw Superman's "S" shield lol.

    whatever i kinda went off on a tangent lol, its just heartwarming to see the kids drawing together, tell the little guys to soak it up, because id give anything to go back to them days

  5. Has anyone ever approached you about doing a reality TV show? I recently caught a commercial for a show called 19 and counting, or something like that, about a family with 19 kids. Between your blogs and your videos I think you guys would be awesome on TV. I know I'd watch lol. Have it air on a Christian network like Daystar or something so that it isn't all gossipy and what not.

  6. I can't get over how good you look Christine! When i was checking out your latest video of Natalie, I accidentally clicked on an older video, its like day and night you look so different I love the new hair and the contact lenses suit you better than the glasses. Not to mention that you got yourself into fantastic shape. What kind of diet did you do? You seriously look about 10 years younger! Great job mom!!


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