Thursday, September 4, 2014

Now that it is September

Lexi has been with us since May. We think she is about 8 months old now. She is probably close to 50 pounds.   She can be very naughty getting into the trash or digging up my flower pots but she is playful and loyal and we love her to pieces.
I have to admit, even though there are only five kids being home schooled this year, we had a very rough beginning. 
Trying to find the right curriculum for Anastasia now that she is in highschool, making up for lost time over summer, and getting back into a routine has been very challenging.   
On top of it all, Paul came to me and asked if he could repeat the 7th grade so he would have more time to catch up before high school.  After carefully considering where he is academically and talking to his teacher, we all agree that this is a good move for him. 
And thankfully.... thankfully we are finally in a groove.
The kids are doing art again-- and a great job they are doing I might add!

I wrote up a schedule that begins at 7:00am, after everyone that goes to public school has left for the day.  The kids start with P.E.  Then we move onto math, language arts, social studies, art, and then science.  The schedule is such that we finish around 12:15pm.  Any work that wasn't completed during the 45-60 minutes allotted time for each subject is finished up after lunch.  This schedule is working out great!  The kids are motivated to work and spend much less time talking and transitioning to their different subjects. 
And on Thursdays, four of the kids meet with their Specialized Academic Instructors so they are gone for five hours.  That frees me up to get things done around the house and spend one on one time with Andrew and Oliver.
Today, Andrew asked if I would spray paint his hair green.
Reluctantly, I agreed.
And then he showed me the awesome toilet he built out of legos for his house.
He warned me that it was a little in-apro-pro (inappropriate).
Blue legos for the water, and brown and yellow legos for you know what. :)
I finally uploaded pictures from the camera that I took to Nolan's surgery.
This is how he looked about an hour after surgery-- bless his heart.
This is how he looked about 6 hours after surgery.
And this was my little pumpkin last night! 
I think he looks fantastic for just having a lip and cleft palate revision two weeks ago.
As for any adoption news-- we have some!
On Labor Day the Minister of Justice signed our paperwork!
This was the last thing we needed in order for our dossier to be submitted to the court.
Yesterday it was submitted.
We will soon find out which judge we were assigned to and our court date.
God willing, Natalie will become a Reed in the next few weeks. 
Then sometime in October, my Mom and I will travel to Bulgaria to get her!
Please pray with us that the judge we are assigned has a tender heart towards our little girl and moves her adoption quickly.


  1. gosh your kids leave the house early! I thought we left early at 7:15! Nolan looks amazing. Our bodies heal so miraculously.
    And Andrew has made my day. That toilet is hilarious.

  2. awww poor Nolan :(

    quick recovery little dude

  3. Little Nolan is such a trouper isn't he? He looks fantastic! I love the photo of John in bed reading to him :-) Hopefully not long now and you will have your baby girl home. How amazing will that be??? And boys always seem to love toilet humour of any kind......LOL!!!!!

    Marilyn from Canada.

  4. Hi! Good luck and God speed with getting your daughter. Blessings, Pat

  5. I loved this update (and I agree about the hilarity of the toilet....)! I am curious...What is Rachel doing now? Does she have thoughts of college in her future? Or vocation? And I'm also interested in knowing more about the decisions for homeschooling vs. public schooling for different kids (I know some need services that public school can offer, and I remember a son asking to join the homeschool crew, but I don't remember how the decision is made with others (if this is more than they want shared, I get that, too). Finally, just a side note...Paul's age needs to be updated! Thank you for sharing. I really love reading about your smiles and trials.

  6. Paul made a good choice for himself. Two of mine repeated grades and it was a good choice in the long run. Sometimes in the middle of it, it's hard to know.

  7. Nolan melts my heart and Lexi looks so sweet! Love reading your blog!


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