Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Dennis

Today we celebrated Dennis' 8th birthday!
I can't believe  how much he has grown these past six years.
He is smart, funny, outgoing, and determined.
We are so blessed to be his family!
For his birthday we decorated cupcakes with lego candy. 

Even Oliver enjoyed pushing the candy deep into the cupcake.
As you can see, Oliver enjoyed eating the cupcakes too.

Later in the day we all went bowling.

Sveta was the big winner in our family.  She got five strikes!

Alex, Dennis, and Nolan used the guard rails, but after awhile Dennis didn't want to use them.  After half a dozen gutter balls, he asked for the guard rails to go back up. :)

Dennis specifically wanted legos and a costume for his birthday.
It was fun to see Dennis enjoy his presents so much!

Happy birthday to one amazing boy!


  1. Nolan's tongue sticking out in the cupcake picture is so adorable!

  2. How time flies! It seems it was only yesterday he came in your lovely house!

    Happy Birthday, Dennis!

  3. Way to go Wolverine, love the costume, Happy Birthday Buddie!!!

  4. I remember working in childcare at MUGS shortly after you got him. He was a sweet little guy, didn't pay much attention to me, though. But the look of joy on his face when you came in the door to pick him up.... I'll never forget. Priceless. Happy Birthday, Dennis!

  5. Happy Birthday Dennis :-) I started to follow your blog when you were waiting to bring Dennis home. What a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.......beautiful family you have. ........

    Marilyn from Canada

  6. I love your birthday post:) The kids are getting so big. I can't believe how big Oliver is. Is he potty trained now? I need to work on that with my 3 yr old Josh.

  7. Happy Birthday Big D!!

    Maybe its the way he carries himself, or just the way he takes pictures but he looks so much more mature than an 8 year old, if i had to guess his age id say he was 11. So good to see him enjoying his presents and everything, I love the Wolverine costume. Is that what he's wearing for Halloween or did you get it for him just for fun?

  8. Does anyone try to help Dennis blow out his candles?? lol. Or is that something he won't let anyone else in on? lol

  9. Happy Birthday Dennis! One amazing boy!

  10. Wow, 8 years old?! That is amazing! Happy Birthday!

  11. Praise be to God for placing that sweet little boy just where he needed to be.

  12. Hi there! Just hoping you and your family are doing well as there hasn't been a post recently :)


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