Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three Pictures

This little stinker is growing up!  He wants to do everything by himself.
The girls like to Skype with Auntie Elena.
I realized that I never posted a picture of Adam's "new" car.    He and John carpool to work together and half of the time Adam drives his car.
The kids are enjoying high school.  Annalyn, Anna, and Galina have theater together.  The morning of the first day they joked about acting like they didn't know each other.  However when the teacher calls out, "Anna, Annalyn, and Galina Reed" during roll call, it is hard to not chuckle.  :)


  1. Your kids are all growing up! Such a cute picture of Oliver!

  2. When did Oliver get so big is what I want to know? Seems like just yesterday he was a little baby! He is just adorable:-) Your children are all doing so well I must be very proud of them all. Whatever it is you are doing, just keep doing it :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. I always love the photos of your kids. It is incredible what unconditional love can do for a child. Oliver is gorgeous. Okay, so is Adam. :0)

  4. Tyler and Jessica were in drama together in high school and they brought a little too much drama of their own to class at times!!!

  5. Hi! My children are excited about the up coming homeschool year. This year we are going to do more unique PE classes. I am excited about doing different things. Pat

  6. Great photos! Adam is so good looking...and so NICE looking. He radiates "reliable and trustworthy", on top of it!


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