Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Paul!

Happy birthday Paul!  Today Adam and Caleb took the four middle boys (William was in the bathroom and this was the only picture Caleb took at the movie theater) out to lunch and to the movies.  It was a fun time out for the older boys.

Later on when they all got home, we ate dinner and then sang happy birthday, ate dessert, and opened presents.  Paul requested a coconut cake. 
He was so proud that he blew all of the candles out in one breath!
Big brother Adam gave Paul his Ipod since he just bought a phone.
 Happy 14th birthday to our wonderful son!  He is sweet, funny, and easy going.  We are so blessed to celebrate his birthday with him!


  1. Happy Birthday Paulie!!!! I forget that hes not your biological child because him Andrew and Johnny look like they could be fraternal triplets!

    From everything I've ever read on your blog here, Paulie seems like such sweet respectful kid. I hope his birthday is awesome. I see Dennis was standing on deck ready to help out with blowing out those candles haha.

  2. i can't believe he's 14! These little guys aren't so little anymore!

  3. Can't believe he's 14 already! Happy birthday!

  4. Hi! The birthday trip seems like a blast a real bother bonding moment. Have a great day, Pat

  5. How lovely of the big brothers to take the others out for Paul's birthday :-) I see Dennis is hovering in the background for the candle blowing.........sooooo cute. Happy Birthday to Paul!! The cake looks yummy.....very kind of Adam to give him his iPod.....such a great big brother.

    Marilyn from Canada


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