Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1st Day of School

The kids' first day of school was today.  William, Julia, Galina, Anna, and Annalyn headed off to public high school.  Annalyn and Julia are taking a few college classes through the high school with their dual enrollment program. 
All of them are taking Spanish for either their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year.
All of them have at least one honors class.
What an exciting day!
Nolan, Alex, and Dennis could hardly sleep last night.  Since one of them catch the bus at 6:30 in the morning, they were all up at 5:30.
Two days ago we went to back to school night to find out who their teachers are.  I am so glad that Nolan got the same teacher as last year.
Jonny is in the 5th grade this year.  Since the school only goes up to 5th,  he is the big man on campus this year.
Off to school by 7am.

I took this picture of John taking pictures.

So John took this picture of me.
Even Oliver could not sleep through the excitement.
The house was quiet by 7:05am.  The homeschoolers do not officially start school until August 25th.  However, they are itching to start early and Andrew is already ahead in English.
We meet with our teacher next week to finalize curriculum.
This year is going to be so different.
I can't wait till we find our new groove.


  1. Hi! Good luck with the new year. It sounds really exciting and busy.Pat

  2. As much as I hate the early bus and school start for my middle schoolers, I too love the house quiet by 7AM!
    Praying they had a successful first day!

  3. Goodness I thought we had an early start of 7:45! Catching a bus at 6:30 sounds too early! :(

    I hope your groove comes soon and strong! And that your newest will join it quickly!

  4. Everyone looks so grown up already! That shot of Annalyn in the car . . . she's a spitting image of you at that angle. :D

    I hope everyone had a terrific first day.

  5. Those early mornings are crazy. I don't have any high schoolers this year! Two college, one middle school and two elementary. Four different school, but both college kids have bought themselves 2014 cars so no trolley! (While I drive a 2001 SUV with 240,000+ miles!)

    HOpe you have a great school year!!

  6. I love the photo of the three little boys. They all look so grown up! Hope they had a great first day:)

  7. HAHA William def has that "I wish i was still sleeping, can't believe we're back in school" face on.

    I know that face because I made it every single day lol.

    Good luck guys!!!! Be safe in school!

  8. This is Nolan's first year in Kindergarten, right??

    Good luck little man!!! :)

  9. Love following your family:) Not sure I have ever posted. Does Nolan have a BAHA softband hearing aid? I have never noticed before:)

    Susan from Boston
    Teacher of the Deaf/Hearing-Impaired


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