Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aunt Tanya's 70th Birthday!

Over the weekend we celebrated Aunt Tanya's 70th birthday.   Lots of family and friends joined us.
Cousin Matt and Annalyn took all the pictures.
Grandma Susan came.
Cousin Jenn with Anna and Rachel
Cousin Matt with Sveta
The family enjoyed playing pinochle.

Uncle Jack and Galina
Uncle Jack with Julia.  By the way, Uncle Jack is Cousin Matt's father and my Mom's brother.
My Mom came a few days early to help with all the preparations.
Paul and Jonny
Father and Son
Grandpa George and Grandma Susan
Julia and Adam playing pinochle
Baboonya and Andrew
John, Anastasia, and Galina
Lexi is such a playful dog.

Our family loves to play Frisbee.

We grew all of these pumpkins in our garden.

Oliver just woke up.
Cousin Kathy with my Mom

Aunt Tanya showed up later in the afternoon.  Everyone greeted her with hugs and kisses.

Here I am with the birthday girl!

John barbecued chicken breasts that we marinated for two days.  They were so moist and juicy.

 Nolan needed help eating for the first few days following his surgery. 
Here is our group photo.  We all joked-- "Is Paul here?" because he was the only one missing from our last one.
Doesn't Sveta look pretty?

Watching Aunt Tanya read her cards that the kids made and open presents was a nice time.
Anastasia wrote a very touching card for Aunt Tanya.
Aunt Tanya's dog passed away a few months ago.  It took her some time to get over her death before she would even consider another dog.  Since Misty has been in the family for years (we first got her from my grandparents) Aunt Tanya has known Misty longer than we have.  Misty is getting older and she doesn't get along with Lexi very well, so we all talked about Aunt Tanya taking Misty.
So I thought that Misty would make the perfect birthday surprise!
Aunt Tanya will most likely take Misty in the next few weeks.  Misty will enjoy relaxing without worrying about Lexi.  And when Aunt Tanya comes for a visit, she will bring Misty over too.

Happy birthday to Aunt Tanya!  We love her so much!