Sunday, July 27, 2014

Less Than Three Weeks Left

I can't believe that summer is winding down.  School starts back up in less than three weeks.  I have been squeezing in physicals plus blood work for all the kids so that they won't miss school.
Nolan and Dennis spent four hours with the cranial facial team.  Dennis will meet privately with the plastic surgeon to see if he needs any upcoming surgeries, but other than that, there are no concerns from the team. The speech therapist suspects that Nolan may need a surgery to correct a flap in his nose  (can't remember the name of it) but has to first do a scope to confirm.   She will also talk to the plastic surgeon who is repairing his fistula next month to see if she can coordinate both surgeries at the same time if he does need this flap fixed.  I wish I knew more details but due to time constraints on the day of the clinic we did not get the full reports from the boys' visits.  They will be mailed to us this week, but until then....
Nolan continues to be a little ham.
He is so excited to be heading off to kindergarten.
Oliver sleeps outside his crib now.  What a big boy!
The kids have enjoyed relaxing this summer.
Now that Paul has braces, he appreciates food all the more, especially when we have something that he can easily chew.  Tender, marinated, grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and edamame.   Yum!  The chicken is sort of a special thing since we don't eat meat with every meal nowadays with many of us eating vegetarian.  I make up my own marinade with oil, vinegar, minced onion, garlic salt, and pepper and let the chicken breasts bathe in the flavors overnight.  John then pounds the chicken breasts to a uniform thickness so that they will cook up evenly on the grill.  Just six minutes on both sides and we end up with the juiciest, most flavorful chicken breasts.
Galina and Annalyn enjoy cooking up fried eggs for breakfast.
Adam enjoyed his breakfast.
Our family devotionals center on family and how loving others begins in our home.   Despite how much certain siblings might bug them, I have encouraged the kids to work on those relationships.   I feel incredibly blessed to witness mornings like this. 
This weekend we did a lot of yard work. 
We are putting in a small retaining wall to give the kids a little more play space and to help keep the greenery from overgrowing.  Black widows, bees, and all sorts of other bugs love to hang out in the ground cover so we want it gone. 
The boys are back into Minecraft.  They could spend hours on the computers if I let them.  They enjoy just watching each other.  Speaking of computers, we were given four computers from our Uncle.  What a huge blessing!


  1. My kids do the same thing with Minecraft! :D We have an armchair in front of the TV and all three of them pile on there and the two older boys take turns playing. That is an awesome game!

  2. Mason loves minecraft! Is that the only thing Adam eats for breakfast???

  3. Hi! I think your yard project sounds like a lot of work but will look nice when finished. Pat

  4. Watch out with the boys and the edamame, soy beans tend to raise estrogen levels in guys, it mimics a certain enzyme in the body that converts testosterone into estrogen, especially in pubescent boys where testosterone levels sky rocket. I used to love to drink soy milk when i was little and i ended up with gynecomastia (swelling of the breast glands in men) which is irreversible and I had to have it surgically removed in my early 20's which cost me 7k.

    As a personal trainer and licensed nutritionist I always advise all my guy clients to avoid any and all soy products. Which stinks because I love edamame lol.

    Didn't mean to be a debbie downer with that statement, just giving some advice from personal experience.

  5. Where did you find the watch we are looking for one for a student I work with!


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