Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Tonight I showed Andrew and Jonny all the videos of Natalie. 
Be still my heart.
As if I didn't already miss her.
Now, my heart aches to have her with us.
Oh Lord, how is she?
Please watch over her.
Please be with her because I can't.

We have our verbal I-800 approval.
Fingerprinting for background checks are done.
Medicals are on their way to be apostilled.
And all of our other paperwork is complete.
Now we just wait.
 And so does Natalie.
Please join us in praying Natalie home.


  1. Great ! you can go on sharing the videos we are missing her too ! :)
    I just can't believe how hard it must be for the two of you...
    And What must go on in her head ?
    Did you leave her a little book with your pictures ? Something the therapist could look at with her and talk to her about: her mama papa brothers and sisters all waiting to love on her...

  2. Oh my goodness......this dear little sweetheart is going to thrive in your home. I would say from all your photos and videos she does not get much stimulation at the home she is in, and she really reacts in a very positive way to you both. What a darling she is.......no wonder your heart is aching......

    Marilyn from Canada

  3. She's adorable. Praying for both of you as you wait.

  4. Oh little baby, how old is she? Yes, the baby home physically looks better but it is clear her care is not better. She is interacting very well for an under stimulated baby. She will thrive with you all. What a blessing for all of you.

  5. Praying for every piece of paperwork to move through the courts smoothly and efficiently!!!

  6. hello, I wondered if any of your children would like to take part in this summer camp (writing)



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