Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday in Bulgaria

This is what the made left on our bed yesterday.  
Cool, but all I could think was-- EXTRA TOWELS!
Natalie Kay continues to amaze us.  How can such a delicate flower be so spirited and persistent?
It is wonderful to see that she has likes and dislikes.  That is an indication that she has regular interactions with her caretakers.  She has her own little personality and it is a blessing to get to know her over these few days. 
We got to meet with the social worker today.  Here I am talking to her through our translator.
Natalie is so flexible.  Have you ever seen a baby scratch their eye brow with their toe?
While she warmed up to us immediately this morning and smiled and cooed, she also had a little meltdown.  Literally.  It was pretty hot out and the only thing that eventually calmed her was removing half of her clothing and allowing her to sit in her stroller w/o our body heat next to her.  Perhaps she was overly stimulated as well, but we know that she was especially hot.  Her cry started out very quiet and faint but as we continued to fail at different things to calm her, it got louder and more persistent.  She stopped as soon as we figured it out.  She also wanted to chew on the toy in the picture.  Her hand would not do and neither would John's finger (like she had preferred yesterday).
We are looking forward to our afternoon visit with her.  It is pure enjoyment to watch her personality blossom!
For lunch we went to a little shop with the words Asian Food across the top.  We were able to point to the food we wanted behind the counter.  Two plates of food with two sodas cost a little over 8 leva which is equivalent to $6.  And the food was awesome!  Made me think of a few of my daughters at home who adore Asian food.

Today the maid left flowers on our bed.


  1. What an absolute little darling! Congratulations guys... Natalie is so precious. The pictures nearly send me into tears as adoption is something very close to my heart... I love your blog! :)

  2. waouh!
    Usualy they leave towels like that when you are cruising on a boat ! :)

  3. Your hotel is soooo unlike our Ukrainian experience! Glad you have a nice place to stay. Prayers for continued bonding and learning about your girl! You are an amazing mama to figure those things out so quickly. ;)

  4. Truly loose limbs! yowza! She'll tighten up soon...You have the perfect family for encouraging physical development! :)

  5. Love the towel art!

    Your little one is so adorable. I'm full of envy, as you can imagine! Also very grateful I have a cutie at home or I might have to feel sorry for myself....

  6. She is a doll!!! Watch the overheating. Very common for kids with DS to have either hypohydrosis (inadequate ability to sweat enough to cool themselves) or anhydrosis (complete inability to sweat AT ALL) My Angela has anhidrosis and overheating is a constant, very serious problem for her in the summer time. She has to wear a cooling vest once it hits about 78* outside. We discovered the problem when she was a year old when she would start the high-pitched screaming that we couldn't figure out. Like you just experienced, she didn't stop screaming until we'd removed her clothes.

    Can't wait until you can go back and spring your girl forever!

  7. Hi! Your daughter is very flexible. Continue to enjoy her while in Europe .Pat


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