Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our Morning in Sofia

The Budapest is a really nice hotel.   Breakfast is included in our stay, so we headed down around 8am.  The buffet included French toast, crepes, breakfast meats, yogurt, honey, chocolate and hazelnut spread, fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese.  I got a little of everything-- including the fried ham that resembled bacon.  First time eating meat in a long time, but it wasn't too bad.

Back home our (mine and the girls) favorite breakfast has been toast with nutella.  Thinking I wouldn't get to enjoy that while I was here, I had it for breakfast three days in a row before we left.  And yet, here I am, enjoying it for breakfast here. 
Look girls-- fresh cherries too!
 This is the view from our balcony during the day.

After breakfast we went for a walk.  The streets are really well kept.

These gorgeous flowers lined this old building. 
Aren't these trees amazing? While out we saw at least three Moms out for walks with their small children.  If we lived here, I would be doing the same thing.
I love this secret garden we passed.  A very peaceful place in the middle of the busy city.
I stepped on a paver that splashed up muddy water all over my legs so we cut our walk short.
In a little while we will be heading back to the airport so we could fly to Natalie Kay's region.


  1. I love hollyhock ;)

    Thnks for sharing ! :)

  2. Great pictures of an incredible place! A very nice travelogue within your brave journey :-D

  3. I love the photos! Thank you so much for sharing them!

    I wouldn't have been surprised at the Nutella at all. I actually thought it was an EE "thing" since that's the first place I ever had it. Ilya always called it "Chocolate Butter". I saw something labeled "Chocolate Butter" in the Russian store in Detroit, and was too much a cheapskate to get it, but I probably will one of these days, just to compare and contrast. (One must do what one can for science, after all.)

  4. Thanks for taking us on yet another one of your awesome adoption journeys!God speed!!

  5. Hey it's like Ukraine all over again that's awesome.......

  6. Candice PauloskiJune 8, 2014 at 7:35 PM

    I see you enjoy Hollyhocks as much as I do, they would probably do wonderfully in California! Thanks for sharing and you look fabulous! Contacts suit you.

  7. Hi! I am really impressed with the buildings and streets and gardens. It looks like a nice city to live in.Pat


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