Friday, June 13, 2014

More Pictures of Burgas

I took so many pictures during our visits, it is hard to tell which day this is from.   I remember her being very content with her pacifier, so I imagine it was from Wednesday or later. 
When we weren't visiting Natalie we were usually out exploring the city.  Every little thing we found interesting, we took pictures of.  I can't post them all, but here are a few.
Hey look-- a mini Target!
This slice of pizza cost 1 leva.  It had ham, corn, and pickles on it.  The place is called Sezam and they deliver!

We didn't see anyone order the mega size.  That would have been fun to watch them eat it.
The park in Burgas is gorgeous.   It's like Disneyland without the admission fee.

This picture was taken by a local at the end of the pier. 
We climbed to the top level to look out over the sea.

We watched a few minutes of this free concert in the park.

Like I said-- It's like Disneyland!  Everything is so modern.

On the long walk back to our hotel we passed this community pool.  There was a water polo event going on in the pool to the right that is not pictured.
Near our hotel is this soccer, or is it football stadium.

Back at our hotel after a long, long walk we put our feet up to relax and watch Storage Wars.  It was on throughout the day, everyday.  So was Pawn Stars.
This is the hospital that Natalie was born at.  The orphanage is about a five minute walk from here.
The orphanage has an outdoor fenced in yard for five turtles.

This picture was taken during our last visit.  So many thoughts of this precious little girl are swimming in my head.  As I sit in the Sofia airport, I struggle to find the right words to share.
It haven't even left the country yet, and I miss her so much.


  1. Wow it looks amazing! Everything is so colorful. I saw Ukraine writing on a structure, is that the dominant language there?

  2. What wonderful pictures! It looks like a lovely look just beautiful, by the way - radiant!


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