Saturday, June 7, 2014

In Bulgaria

Well, we made it. Very thankful for safe travels.
During our descent, we noticed how lush and green everything looked.  The mountains on either side of us were a beautiful sight.
To think, we are in the country our daughter was born in.  We are so close now.
Being in an eastern European country, and having visited both Russia and Ukraine in the past, it was hard not to notice the differences and similarities between all three countries.
Bulgaria is by far the most modern in my opinion.  Going through immigration was easy-peasy.  We weren't asked one question.
However, there was that familiar smell... that I have come to love!
The roads we traveled on were pot-hole free too!
It took a while to get our luggage--  but at least we got it. :)
Our driver was waiting for us.
Many of the traffic lights had second count downs.
This is our view from the fifth floor of our hotel room.
This is what it looks like in the other direction.
This is what our room looks like.  Clean and modern, I must say.

We couldn't get the lights to work at first.  Who knew that we had to insert our room key into this security light slot in order to turn them on!?  Now we know.
Do you see the shiny rectangle behind the toilet?  That whole thing is one giant flusher plaque!
The bed mattress is made of foam-- quite comfy actually.
Hoping to get some rest now.
Good night from Bulgaria.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you made it safe and sound. It's funny, because a lot of the stuff you showed is very much like Guatemala, from the big flusher plate to the countdowns at streetlights. :D

  2. Thanks SO much for sharing - what fun! The architecture seems somewhat different to to "look down the street" from your hotel room. What a perfect time of year to be there!

  3. So glad to hear you made it there safely! Praying for you and your new daughter!

  4. Funny about not knowing how to turn on the lights. I had the exact same experience while traveling through Central Europe - Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic. It's actually pretty clever on the hotel's part as it probably saves a lot of money in electric bills since the lights will automatically go off when you get your key to leave the room!

  5. reading this and seeing the pics is giving me the itch to travel! gorgeous views out the window!

  6. Hi! The country looks beautiful and so modern. It is nice knowing that you and John got there safely. Can not wait to see your baby. Pat


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