Friday, June 13, 2014

Her Green Glass Bottle

Yesterday we took Natalie to have her passport picture taken.
 Perhaps it was her visa picture, I'm just not sure.   She would not look up, no matter what anyone did.  Then I took out the pacifier that we bought her and I dangled it high in front of her.  She became very focused on the pacifier and the photographer was able to get a picture.
We got her a pacifier because she chews on her hands.  They are raw and calloused and we wanted to see if she would be content with a pacifier instead.  She was!  We were hoping to buy her and perhaps her whole group a bunch of pacifiers to use instead of their hands.  We were told that this orphanage does not do pacifiers because it is hard to break the kids.  True that it is a bit of a challenge, but their hands are always with them so the chance of breaking that habit is much harder.  In just the few days that we have spent with Natalie we have seen very little hand chewing while she is with us.  She actually seems to prefer the pacifier over her hands.  In the last day or so she has even started spitting out her pacifier for a minute or so to engage us before sticking it back in with her hands never going in her mouth. 
I tried to feed her a tiny mashed piece of banana with my finger and she spit it out as she fussed something fierce.  This concerned me so I wanted to see her eat. 
They first tried to feed her with a spoon, but she threw a little fit.
She would only eat being fed through this bottle.
She guzzled it down in about a minute.
When the bottle was empty Natalie began to fuss.
It looked like she might still be hungry.
I asked if they could put the food from the bowl that they tried to spoon feed her out of into the bottle.

I was curious to see if she would eat more.  Nope.  She was done.  No more for her.  Eight ounces is all her little belly could hold at the moment.
I am very thankful that I got to see how  and how much she eats.  It will better prepare me for the 2nd trip.
John and I are about to leave for our final visit with Natalie.
My heart already aches at the thought.
I know this is part of the process, but it doesn't make it any easier.


  1. Prayers for you and your sweet girl. I can't wait to see her blossom under your love and care, to see her wrapped in the arms of waiting siblings, and to see her smile because she is part of a family.

  2. When you get home and while waiting for trip two it would be good to start the process of finding a feeding therapist. I found with my kids it was very helpful to go back to newborn feeding, let them relearn suck/swallow/breathe, get that close feeding and nurturing then work through the developmental steps of feeding.

  3. Perhaps the real advantage of the hands (rather than pacifiers) is that you don't have problems if you lose all the pacifiers! I had one thumb sucker and one with a pacifier; I thought that "breaking" the pacifier habit was a lot easier! Monnie has a pacifier! (Well, we make sure there are always about 8-10 in the house!)

    That bottle reminds me a bit of the "new trend" (as far as I can tell) in baby food, which are little pouches of food they can suck from. I poo-poohed them initially, but my "I want to do it myself" girl really does enjoy them.

  4. LEaving will be hard but now that you've met her you can focus on researching her issues and solutions, getting toys and clothing that is perfect for her etc.

  5. The hole in the nipple-- very much what we saw in Mila;s orphanage in Serbia. I was amazed that she didn't choke! Guess that's how they are able to feed so many little ones in such a short amount of time.


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