Thursday, June 12, 2014

Art Therapy Day

Yesterday we got to watch Natalie receive her weekly art therapy.  It was very interesting.  Depending on the child's ability and interests, the teacher works with each child accordingly.  She told Natalie about little babies, animals, and what sounds they make.  

She fingerpainted with Natalie and she did not like it one bit. 
She had Natalie make us some tea with sugar and then serve it to us.
It was nice to be invited to watch this therapy.  We are told that all the kids receive it.
Natalie seemed happier once we got outside.
Each day she has been more and more attentive.  As each visit passes she is more receptive to our touch.  She doesn't pull away like she did during our first visit.  She likes to swing.
After our morning visit we went on a walk.  We found a little place that was serving up pita-like sandwiches.  The place was busy so we figured that it must be good.  Our lunch cost only 3 1/2 leva.
The sandwich was filled with fries, chicken, cabbage, tomato, and a mayo like sauce. 
It was delicious.
On the walk back we saw this construction going on.  We found it surprising that the supervisor was also a woman like we had seen once before.  You can see her with the red hair in front of the taxi.  The roads are very much like America.
We found a candy shop where I got to hand pick the candy I want to bring home for our kids as a souvenir.  This was the first one we have found after walking all over the place, so it was a good find!  Thanks honey!


  1. The 'sandwich' is called kebab. It's Middle Eastern in origin, and it's very popular here in Australia.

    Natalie Kay is so adorable :) Blessings to you all!

  2. in the last picture she seems to be "present"
    Do you think they did this "art therapy" just because you are there ?
    Sweet little girl.
    Thank you for sharing... makes my day ! :)

  3. Natalie Kay is completely adorable!!! Can't wait to see her home among all her brothers and sisters who will completely spoil her!!! It will be amazing to see her progress surrounded by so much love.

  4. Natalie is just beautiful!! She looks so happy in the pictures you took of her in the swing today. What a blessing and a joy for you!

  5. I am seeing that she is responding so well to you two. I had been concerned that there might be a problem; so I prayed about it. I love the results that God has given!!


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