Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Good Day

This past Monday was my birthday. Not quite 40 yet, so I didn't make a big deal of it. John and I did however, take a walk down to the Black Sea to get ice-cream.  
Such a pretty display of the ice-cream...
Yesterday's visit to see Natalie was a nice one.  She is making more and more eye contact and once in a while she will interact with us.
If I could, I would just eat her up!  For now, I'll have to settle for kisses.
Natalie is a little over three years old.  She is around 17 pounds.  I hope that she will be wearing 12 month clothes when she comes home in the fall.  She self soothes by chewing on her hands.   She has bit John and I a few times.  We think she is either hungry or teething.  :)
After our last visit of the day we went to a pretty area with lots of shops. 
It reminded us of downtown Disney.

The Sycamore trees could not be more grand.
Who wants to eat at King Kong Burger?
We ate at McDonald's.  Yes it served its purpose of filling our bellies, but one time is enough.  I asked for lots of ice when I saw that she put two ice cubes in each cup.  I got her to add two more cubes to each cup-- lucky us.  :)
On our walk we found a Subway.  John and I have enjoyed the local food though
so I think we will pass. 
On the way back we stopped for ice-cream again.  With each cone costing under a dollar, it makes a nice dessert to eat on our long walks.  I was interested in trying a new flavor so she gave me a sample with a little spoon.  When I asked if I could try the apple, she took my spoon that I had already licked and stuck it right into the bucket of apple ice-cream.  :)


  1. Oh well, we in Europe have active immune systems, a little bit of other people's germs don't even bother us... or something like that. :)

  2. Love following your journey and Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful heart. Will continue praying for each of you and cant wait to see Natalie home with you. God bless you!

  3. Happy Birthday!! You and John look so relaxed and Natalie too!!

  4. My heaven's, she's cute! The photo of the two of you just melted my heart. Maybe she bites as a way of expressing love; puppies do that, and perhaps if it is comforting to bite on her own hands, that "says something" when she chews on you!

  5. Happy birthday! A walk down to the black sea and ice-cream? Sounds splendid :)

  6. Hi! You daughter is so cute. She is showing some eye contact. Good luck.Pat

  7. What a cutie! Good to see her warming up to you!


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