Monday, June 30, 2014

Oliver's 3rd Birthday

On Saturday we celebrated Oliver's birthday.
Annalyn, who has taken up quite an interest in photography, took over 200 pictures.
Here are some of them.

Happy 3rd birthday Oliver!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Guess Who's Three!

Guess who turned three this week-- Oliver! So amazing to see how big he is getting.  Since we are celebrating his birthday tomorrow we didn't do much on his actual birthday.  We did however have ice-cream drumsticks for dessert-- a little treat that everyone enjoyed. 
Even Oliver had his very own cone-- something that wasn't possible just six months ago.   Over the past six months he has learned to take appropriate sized bites where he chews and swallows between each bite.  I used to cut up all of his food into little pieces and had to feed him just a few at a time or he would keep putting piece after piece in his mouth often leading to gagging or choking.  I did not feel Oliver was safe if he was not watched at all times when he was eating.
Not only can he eat an ice-cream cone all by himself, but I can also hand him a whole graham cracker or a banana without worrying that he is going to choke.
Oliver has made so much growth in his three years of life.  Everything from his communication, to his potty training, to how he plays has really changed.  Oliver and Nolan play so well together now.   They are really close and enjoy pretend play.  Julia gave Oliver his present early-- a little shopping cart-- and the two of them play store and house. 
Happy birthday Oliver!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Tonight I showed Andrew and Jonny all the videos of Natalie. 
Be still my heart.
As if I didn't already miss her.
Now, my heart aches to have her with us.
Oh Lord, how is she?
Please watch over her.
Please be with her because I can't.

We have our verbal I-800 approval.
Fingerprinting for background checks are done.
Medicals are on their way to be apostilled.
And all of our other paperwork is complete.
Now we just wait.
 And so does Natalie.
Please join us in praying Natalie home.

Happy Birthday John!

This weekend we celebrated John's birthday. 
Dennis is much more aware of birthdays and holidays.  Here he is writing his Dad a card.
John and his Dad barbecued tri-tip. 
The boys played with the dogs.
Julia prepared his cookie cake.
Happy birthday to the most amazing father and husband.  Our family is incredibly blessed to have John as the head of our family.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Missing Her

 It has taken awhile to get back into the swing of things.  I'm not even sure I'm over my jet lag, but it is getting a little better each day.  It is nice to be home with the kids again, but there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of little Natalie. 
In fact, now that we are home, it is so easy to see how well she will fit in once she is home too.
She will sit next to Oliver at dinner time in the spare high chair that is currently in the garage.
Natalie will love sitting in the swing on the back porch.
Natalie will enjoy watching her sisters play the dance game on the Wii.
Natalie will get a kick out of seeing herself in our full length bedroom mirrors.
I can picture her here with us.
November(ish) can't get here fast enough.
Here are more pictures of our sweet angel.