Thursday, May 29, 2014

Winding Down

Rachel, Annalyn, Julia, and Galina had finals last week. They packed their lunches.  I took this picture because it warms my heart to see how the kids play around with each other.  :)
All the girls finished their finals the first day-- so they are done!
Annalyn helped William with his school work before heading off to finals.
Lexi is an amazing puppy.  She is growing up so fast.  The kids love how playful she is. 

Lexi and Misty get along so much better now.  I have enjoyed watching the two learn to like each other.  
Our garden is growing very nicely.  Soon we'll have vine ripened tomatoes.

Cooked veggie sandwiches are very good.
So is homemade brownie batter.

Anna likes to watch her fish dance while she does the dishes.
The other night we had homemade peach cobbler. 
We were at the grocery the other day and Anna bought this. 
 "Mom, I'm just curious."
"And you know what?  It tastes just like the soft cheese
packet from a box of deluxe mac and cheese."
So not worth three bucks.
Home school is pretty much finished.  I returned all of the kids' textbooks and pulled all of their curriculum for next year.  With only five being homeschooled next year, it was very quick.  
Nolan saw the plastic surgeon for his nose.  She says that his nose is healed and he isn't old enough for corrective surgery yet.  However, he does have a surgery scheduled in August to close the fistula in his palate, but other than that, nothing else is supposed to happen for a few years.
Over the last few months, I have been taking the kids with moles to the dermatologist to have them checked out.  Each one has come back with normal results from the biopsies, until today.  Today I heard the word "atypical".  Not what a Mom wants to hear.  Next week one of our big kids will have more of the area that surrounded the atypical mole removed-- just to be safe.  I think we will have all other atypical moles removed as well.
I took Oliver to urgent care last Thursday before we left for the mountains.  He had an obvious ear infection and he sounded raspy.  The on-call physician said that he would not prescribe oral antibiotics-- just drops.  At first I was nervous going up to the mountains and all with an ear infection,  but once he explained why, it made a lot of sense.
Most likely he had a virus, and he thought that Oliver could fight this on his own. 
For now, Oliver still has a slight cough, but his ear infection and runny nose are cleared up.
While up in the mountains, Galina cut her finger while opening a can.  We cleaned and bandaged it and it seemed ok.  On Monday it was still throbbing and began to bleed again after lightly hitting it.  It didn't look as well as I expected when she went to change the Band-Aid so I took her to urgent care.  We learned that too much time had passed for stitches.  They said it didn't look infected and was healing fine.  They rebandaged it and gave her a finger guard.
Though they didn't really do anything, the trip was worth my peace of mind.
Today Annalyn and Anastasia saw the new optometrist that I have been going to for my contacts.  In the end, they both picked out stylish frames for their first pair of glasses. 
Other than an early morning IEP tomorrow for Oliver, it looks like things are winding down.


  1. Hi! I use Christian Light Education educational material and I love it for my home schooling. The garden loves nice. My tomato plant looks a little lonely .Pat

  2. Your garden looks awesome!

    I'm not envious of all the doctor visits and ER visits. :) My three boys land us in the ER (particularly Dorian!) often enough, I can't imagine with more.

  3. It is so nice to read about your kids and family life ! Everyone seems to be thriving, this is so fantastic to read, thank you for sharing these moments with us !
    I hope you'll get to spend an AWESOME birthday meeting your new little cutie :)
    And I was wondering the other day how were Paul and Anastasia doing nearly 4 years after their adoption ? :) Do they sometimes miss their previous habits and country ? Are they completely bilingual ?
    Blessings to all of you ! :)

  4. Wow! Praying for the finishing touches on all you do these next few days!
    So glad your puppy is settling in. It took 2 months for our sheltered dogs to start to settle and we wondered if we could handle all their issues from their previous life. Now we couldn't imagine our life without them...except for the less mess and noise of course :)>


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