Thursday, May 15, 2014


Phew.  I have a few minutes to stop and relax.
No.  Wait.
The kids just drove up.  They went to the club house pool to go swimming.  They left 10 minutes ago and now they are back.
There are ducks swimming in both pools and the management will not allow swimming until the pools have been sanitized.
Oh well.  So much for an hour of peace and quiet.
Time is flying by these days.
Quicker than I can blink.  Not that blinking is easy these days now that I am trying contacts after twenty years.  Yes, they are comfortable, but my eyes are sure tired.  And I have trouble seeing things close up.  But they are a nice change.
Anyway, like I implied, things are crazy busy here.  But in a most amazing way.
We are thriving. 
Nolan's ears have been clear for a long time now.  No drops whatsoever.  Garlic has been a game changer for him. 
Caleb and Rachel are picking up extra shifts at work left and right.
Rachel is going to prom this Saturday.
Julia has a few all day babysitting gigs coming up.
The kids continue to visit the senior home 3-4 times a week.  I go once in a while.   Raymond left, so now there are only four.  The home has a sister home in the town next to it, so we may begin visiting there as well.  It is such a blessing to get to spend time with these elders.
Caleb graduates on the 4th.
The kids are finishing up home school.  The high schoolers have finals next week.  William, Anna, and Anastasia graduate 8th grade in a few days.
One of our kids is seeing a psychiatrist and is on a very low dose med.  This is a huge surprise/blessing to us since the psychologist we first saw was not helpful and so discouraging.  It has been a night to day transformation.  Literally, it has changed the dynamics in our family. 
Last night Caleb, John, and I went car shopping.  Caleb is ready to buy his first car with his hard earned money.  After four hours of looking and driving four cars, he is still not ready to buy.  He is interested in a 2004 Honda Civic, 2006 Nissan Sentra, and a 2007 Ford Focus.  We need our mechanic to check them out, and I found another dealer with 4 cars that meet his criteria.   If you have a favorite small care that gets higher than 30 mpg, please share.
Four more IEPs to go.
Three optometrist appointments.
One plastic surgeon appointment.
Five high school counseling orientations.
One birthday celebration.
One OT evaluation.
And a weekend trip back up to Arrowbear with family and friends.
All before we leave June 6th to meet our little girl!
My life verse that I hold in my heart:
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will keep your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. The Subaru Impreza is a great small car with good gas mileage. It's also four-wheel drive, but that likely doesn't matter as much in your neck of the woods!


  2. Toyota Corolla. They last forever!

  3. The VW Rabbit/Golf is a nice car!
    It was my first!

  4. We have a Toyota Prius. 50 MPG !
    We love it,

  5. Don't get the Civic. That year has head gasket problems. Do to they can tell you what type of problems are common in any car...

  6. Wow, great progress! Can't wait to see the prom pictures!
    Don't get the Sentra, they have engine problems around 90K. We had to drop three (used) engines into our 2003 Sentra before we gave it to R!

  7. Hi! I am glad you leave soon to get your new baby.Pat

  8. Very exciting and busy stuff! I have to say that I have had two Honda Civics (I was in a car accident and totaled one of them) but I have loved both of them. They are very low maintenance, amazing gas mileage, last for a very very long time (Mine has 180,000 miles and hasn't needed anything besides new tires, oil changes,and one new battery, great safety/crash testing ratings, low depreciation, and good sized trunk. Beside Honda's I have had a jetta and a ford mercury tracer (one compeletely died and one my brother totaled). I will stick with hondas from now on.


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