Friday, May 2, 2014

Three Things

I don't know why I allow myself to get stressed out.
I try so hard not too, but it happens.
Here, we wait and wait for months to get our travel dates, and when we finally do-- I stress out trying to find tickets.
That's what I did yesterday and the day before.
After going back and forth on decisions like which airport, itinerary, and price, I finally booked our flights.
They aren't as good of a price as someone else got.
They aren't my first choice of airline.
They have an extra stop.
But you know what?
They are absolutely perfect.
I have much to praise.
The airport is close by.
The layovers are short.
And besides all of those trivial, little details, we are finally going to meet our soon to be daughter!
How could I complain?
How could our flights get any better when our destination is where we will spend one week getting to know her?
So excited.
Feeling blessed.... and thankful.
Thank you again to everyone who has come alongside us-- encouraging us throughout this journey.
Nolan woke up this morning needing to drink 20 ounces of water.
That's a lot for his little bladder.
But he did it.
And he was so patient and still while he got his kidney ultrasound.
When the technician was done, she asked us to hang out in the room while she sent the images to be looked at by the doctor just in case the doctor requested more.  He did.  She came back a few minutes later to get those additional images.
Not sure what this means, but next week we should have some answers.
Hopefully Nolan can cross kidney anomalies off his list.
This weekend we celebrate Adam's 19th birthday. 


  1. Praise God for the tickets, praying for Nolan and his kidneys and Happy Birthday to Adam and may God bless him Abundantly.


  2. It all seems to work itself out in the end, doesn't if? You will have an awesome trip :-) Nolan is such a little trooper, he really is.

    Marilyn from Canada (almost.......tomorrow we are back in Canada )

  3. Praying continued peace over your decisions and journey!
    Praying for continued good health for Nolan too!


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