Monday, May 12, 2014

Little Lexi

The kids have wanted another dog for quite awhile.   Finally I said yes, and surprised the kids by taking them to a shelter this past Friday.  After looking at all the dogs, the kids settled on a hyperactive puppy.  She had been returned by her last adoptive family because of this very reason, but I figured that all the kids would wear her out.
The kids fell in love instantly.  The first few days were rough though, and the thought did cross my mind if she was the right dog for us.  She was a little rough with our other dog Misty.  You can see a cut above her right eye that she got from another dog that her previous family had.  What if she just couldn't learn to live with another dog? 
Turns out that Lexi is getting better each day.  She is getting used to Misty and vice versa.  The novelty is wearing off for the little pup.  She would much rather chase the kids and chew on grass while basking in the sun.
Lexi is learning what is okay behavior, and we are learning more and more about her.
The first time we put her in her kennel for the night, she whimpered.   The kids slept with her that night.  The next day we put her in the kennel every hour for five minutes.  That night there was no whimpering, and Lexi slept peacefully next to Misty who was in her own cage.
Lexi is such a soft, lovable, playful puppy.  The kids are enjoying her so much.  They are playing more with Misty too, who is normally a boring ol' bump on a log.   I think Lexi's playfulness is rubbing off on Misty a little bit.
Welcome to the family Lexi!


  1. James has talked of getting another dog, an orchard walking kind of dog, but I'm not sure yet if I'm particularly sold on the idea.
    Lexi is awfully cute though...

  2. Puppy Power! She looks like she's ready to take on all of your kids with energy to spare. And cute as the dickens. :)

  3. A new puppy will breathe new life I to the other dog. We just got a new puppy....a go with our 4 year old lab, and they play and play. 2 dogs are definitely better than 1. Puppies are a lot of work and need training and to be well socialized outside of the family. Your puppy is very cute :-)

    Marilyn from Canad

  4. Lexi is a puppy. Of course she is hyperactive! She will be a wonderfully, I can tell.

  5. Hi! Your dog is so cute. We have two English bull dogs. Pat

  6. Lexi is very cute! You call her "little Lexi:", but how long will she stay little?!


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